Is SketchUp Free actually Free?


Stupid question… Is Sketch Up Free (Web) actually Free? As in does it expire after 30 days etc and then bombard you with upgrade now etc?

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As far as i know SketchupFreeWeb is and stays free of charge and without expirationdate.
It just lacks some tools compared to the paid versions.
No clue what the future might bring tho, since sketchup became more commercial…

Thanks AnnoNiem for your swift response. Have a great day. :slight_smile:

It is free for personal (hobbyist) use. Not for professional or commercial use.

There is an upgrade link in the lower left, and some of the features will ask you to upgrade when you try to use them. If you only use the features that come with the Free version, it isn’t too much bombarding.

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Ahhhhh, righto. Sorry but where does it actually say that please?

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At the bottom of this page to start.

" Note: SketchUp for Web is not for commercial use."

And then there’s this which also answers your initial question:

“1.6.1 Free Offerings. Where indicated in the applicable Order Form, Customer may receive access to a free version of the Service (a “Free Offering”) under a “Free Subscription.” There is no fee for use of Free Offerings in accordance with this Agreement. Without limiting any other restrictions in this Agreement, Customer may only use a Free Offering in a non-production environment for non-commercial purposes. Either party may terminate a Free Subscription, for any reason or no reason, immediately upon written notice to the other party.”

Thanks DaveR, much appreciated. Have a great week :wink:

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