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Yes. See:

If you are an illustrator by trade and using SketchUp to aid in your work, you need to be using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop instead of SketchUp Free or SketchUp Make.


Thank you!

I think that although it’s more limited I can use the free version for everything I need, unless it’s a licensing issue? Nothing I actually create in Sketchup will ever be used as part of the finished artwork, its more just creating simple shapes to use as a guide, though I understand if this is still breaking the rules!


Yes. It’s a licensing thing. Even though you aren’t using the output directly in your finished work, you’d be using SketchUp for your work so it would be “breaking the rules.”


Ah ok. thanks. That’s a shame.


Replied to early! I think I’ll have a look and maybe see how much I’m likely to use it and if it’s worth me getting the full version. The interface looks way better on the full version for a start!


It is better currently and there are many more features currently available.

It’s reasonable if you are going to use SketchUp for your job and to make money, that you pay for a license for it.


Yes, I completely agree. Unfortunately my computer is on it’s last legs and I’m trying to use the iPad more, so today I’ve used Shapr 3D and FormIt apps - I think I can do what I need with these until I get a new computer then I can explore SketchUp properly.