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Nice surprise! And works rather smooth :wink:

By the way, is this public news? Can I share this on my blog?

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Hi. This is now public. Please feel free to share!

Hi folks.

I would like to try it. I send a invite demand yesterday morning and got an answer yesterday afternoon stating that my name is on the waiting list and I shall receive news from them.

I will certainly try it as soon as I get my invitation.

Best regards.


Hi folks.

I got my invite. It works.

Best regards.


Well done!

There was only one reason I put up with a Windows computer, and that was to run Sketchup. Now at last I can swing over 100% to my favourite computer, my humble Chromebook! This has been my daily workhorse for everything I do except Sketchup. I am now a very happy computer user! No more bloated and overweight OS for me. :grinning:

I’d suggest waiting until all normal SketchUp features are implemented, before ditching Windows.

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I am in the same boat for wanting to ditch the PC, SketchUp is the only program I turn that thing on for!

I was really excited to see there was a web-based version of sketchup to use on my pixel, any chance I could get the invite as well?


You click the request button on the launch page.

Awesome Surprise, I was just researching a better way for my Models to be accessible via a web-browser, with other tools costing so much money - this one is nearly Free, only my time to input.

Really Important Question, the models I want to implement to work with this web viewer are all my Cabinet models - Here: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/collection.html?id=u2e8ed7ee-4f45-484d-a2d4-704a1c8bbb91

These are all Dynamic Models, while I do have some functionality with the Layers Menu, that is across all models at once, while the dynamic functionality is per each one. So are you going to implement Dynamic Model Functionality???

Also what would be great is if within Sketchup Pro, we had a Web-Export so were we could customize the interface some, like turning on and off features of the toolbar. Also really important for us Manufactures have the ability to integrate our Model Catalog into the exported web-viewer.

Better yet maybe you will offer some sort of SDK for this web-viewer, which is awesome by the way.

Great suggestions! We’re only just getting started with this product, still have quite a way to go before it is a full replacement for the SketchUp desktop client. But keep those ideas coming!

We updated the 3D Warehouse to use the same rendering code we’re using in my.SketchUp a few weeks ago- you can embed 3D viewable versions of your models from 3D Warehouse today.


Cool - thanks for your reply, I will look into the the point on embedding the viewer in a moment. I did find that within your existing setup of the web version, you can just turn on the Hidden Objects in Display menu, then individually select the models you want to be seen or unseen, while this is a work around for the dynamic functionality - If I can offer the web version it would be best with the Dynamic functions.

Can you at a minimum tell me about how long till that will be added to the web app??

Sorry- can’t make any predictions about when that will be done, but we’re launching improvements all the time, so stay tuned!


Just had a conversation with one of my Dealers who had been trying to work with the Dynamic model functions, and like with him, I have been hearing that it is very difficult for many new-beys to figure this out, and most of time they do not want to learn. So I am going to reconfigure all of my models to be more straight forward with out all the drop down menus, and just create multiple states of each model instead of trying to configure all into one single model. I will still use the Layers menu, and so going at this approach most aspects of your web app works in its current awesome state.

One thing I would like to see is when after you log into the software, that under the component drop down menu, instead of still having to perform a search for the models you want, that all your models in your account would be easily accessible with some menu icons that could relate to your various Collections you have created.

OF COURSE, answered my own question, with Trimble connect this is all possible, so very impressed

Hello - I am incorporating your new web sketchup into my company future plans in a big way - my question is, I already have all my models working with the dynamic component functions. So far you do not have this in the web version - how soon will this be incorporated?? Or not??

Right now I have found a work-around using animation scenes, and were they do work with components if the model is first loaded from the “Trimble Connect” integration, then additional models can be loaded form the sketchup warehouse search field.

I already made a bunch of models with many of the dynamic functions taken out, and new components added to work with the scenes in a more dynamic way. But I would like the added functionality of the dynamic features like at least the “hand” icon to interact with the model - like in my case opening and closing doors/drawers.

see the new models I made specific to the my sketchup https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/collection.html?id=ea5d86e5-4a0a-4604-b6db-f3ff2ba6a7eb

So again - if you are going to implement the dynamic functionality any time really soon - then I can leave all the functionality in the models, and build upon my previous effort.


We’re not yet ready to release a developer/API development program around my.SketchUp, but there has been considerable interest from folks like you who want to embed online product configurators and/or demonstrations on their company’s website. I hope we’ll have something interesting to offer eventually, but for now the “viewer” embed from 3D Warehouse is the best tool we have to offer.


Good enough - I will just continue on my current quest of configuring my models to mainly work with the scenes and layers.

For the Developer Viewer for use as a Configurators is really what I am going for, I have personally built ones in past with a plugin called Hypercosm over 10 years ago with sketchup models, but those require browser plugins to work - and yours is perfectly native at least to the Chrome Browser so far.

The same exact day you guys launched this - I had just got off the phone with a company who wanted 75K to build one for me using Unity - ya - I said No way. Then I got your guys email of this - and I am back home with the software I know and love.

I know there is a Huge market out there if this Viewer has this capability - or can be crafted into that way - I would certainly invest my money into making it a reality.

Thanks for the replay

Oh my gosh, this is one of the greatest things ever!

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