Performance sucks?



Why do you switch to an all online model?
The performance of the tool is much worse than in sketchup make.

  • Opened a bigger model from the warehouse and loading it took over 5 times longer than in Make.
  • Rotation is lagging in the online version, offline no problem.
    Performance wise the new sketchup is a no go.

R.I.P Sketchup. Are there any good alternatives?

PS: second nogo is to move online. I don’t get this “everything has to be online” stupidity nowadays… what is it good for? Am I to old? I’m not even 30…
If I am traveling I am not online all the time, but still want to use sketchup (in a train). now I am screwed.
PPS: Pro is still available offline and updated, right? So why not continue Make as well?

System: Ryzen 1700, Vega 56, 16GB, Win10, latest Chrome


You can continue to use Make or buy SU pro. No one is forcing you to use SketchUp Free.


Loading a model from 3D Warehouse is a multi-step process in any version of SketchUp… can you share a link to the model you picked so I can see where the specific bottleneck was in your case? Might be network related, or it might be the actual parsing of the model data to insert it into your active session.

In your issue with rotation, were you rotating a selection with the Rotate tool, with the rotate handles in the Move tool, or do you mean that framerate during an “orbit” operation was slow?

Remember, SketchUp Pro and Make desktop client applications are both still available to you for work during the times when you’re not connected to the internet.



Agreed, I just discovered the SketchUp getting started tutorials on YouTube and went through them using my MacBook Pro (w/ Intel integrated graphics card) and SketchUp Make 2017, everything was fluid and very performant.

I tried SketchUp Free in Safari and just an empty canvas with no objects generates 100% usage of one CPU core. On my 15" MacBook w/ discrete Nvidia graphics (GT 750M I believe) I get 100% usage of TWO CPU cores, with no objects! Even moving the cursor around has terrible performance, much less modeling any actual shapes.

Turns out - the secret on macOS anyway, is to use Chrome. I at least only get 10-30% CPU usage rather than 100% or 200%. It doesn’t /feel/ any slower for small stuff yet, hopefully they work the kinks out and get performance up before I start hitting the boundaries.


Chrome (and Firefox) generally seem to perform better than Safari or Edge. Mostly this has to do with javascript execution speed and the completeness of their WebGL implementations. Microsoft and Apple are both a bit more conservative in their adoption of these new web technologies.

You should be getting better performance than this from Safari on your MacBook, at least according to our internal testing efforts. Did you do the High Sierra update yet?


Thanks for the response - the MacBook Pro I saw 100% on one core is an early 2015 13" model, Intel integrated graphics only, running High Sierra and Safari 11.0.2.

I saw 100% usage of 2 cores on my late 2013 15" MacBook Pro with the Nvidia GT 750M, running Sierra (not High Sierra) and Safari 11.0.2.

I’d be happy to attempt to recreate the condition and send any logs you might find useful from the High Sierra machine later tonight, just let me know what might help. Using Chrome is not a problem for me, but I’m always happy to aid interoperability :slight_smile:


Javascript interpretation is a processor-intensive operation, but you’re mainly going to see a spike in CPU when the SketchUp Free application is loading. That would be true regardless the browser you are using, I think.

I have a similar computer to the one you describe, and I did notice that it takes longer to load SketchUp Free in Safari than in Chrome. If you’re happy using Chrome, I’d recommend continuing to do that.


Congrats on futzing up a really great program by half-a**edly forcing it into a browser. Someone probably told you that would be the future. That future seems to be 20 years behind. A previously fine working program can now not be used anymore as it either denies working (IE) or simply hangs after a few minutes of use (FF). I’m not infesting my PC with Chrome.

At least tell people the download link to the old make variant, as I haven’t been able to find it on your site despite it being advertised as option.


If you take a minute to breath you will find the download link for the desktop version.


It’s the first link in Google after searching for ‘SketchUp Make Download’, not sure how so many people have such difficulty finding it.


Because you need to use Google. Just found a link, for others searching as well:

Go to sketchup homepage and tell me how to arrive at that link please. I can’t. That’s bad design or rather trying to get people away from a real program to a browser based tragedy.

Thanks though :slight_smile:


Google search results are personalized. We all don’t get the same results.


Well I am in incognito mode and I get exactly the same results.

I downloaded Firefox, used the same keywords and got the same results


incognito mode doesn’t mean what you think it does.


An incognito window doesn’t carry over any cookies, login date or search preferences. Firefox was a clean installation, have never used it before on this machine.

In chrome if you search for ‘Download SketchUP Make’ what do you see?

Edit: I use multiple instances of chrome incognito to run android device emulations for this specific reason when building apps.

Browser Incognito Mode

DaveR…I agree with the poster. I just had to reinstall windows 10 (HUGE amount of pain and lost programs). I think, but please correct me if I’m wrong, I can only now access a weird free version. My model and files are HUGE and I have many, many of them. They take forever to navigate and although this is a brand new development, I’m already extremely frustrated. Just can’t deal with it all…■■■■.


What do you mean by this? What version are you seeing?

Did you go to this page? You can download from there.

Without seeing your model files I can only guess but the common issue is that people let their models get out of hand. I expect there’s unused content that can be purged and unneeded detail that could be edited out; especially if you have a lot of components from the 3D Warehouse.

So what’s your plan?


YOU ROCK! All back up and running the marathon!
THANK YOU Georg!! :smiley:


Another case of a delightful thread from a poster that had a rant and never bothered to come back actually solving an issue for someone who eventually read further than the clickbait headline.
Obviously not an experienced facebook user.


Only thing is…now I can’t import the thousands of components that I’ve drawn and saved. That is the bulk of my work. Please help!