Performance sucks?



Why can’t you import them? If this is the bulk of your work, you need to be using SketchUp Pro and the only version available to purchase now is SketchUp 2018 which will open components created in any version of SketchUp.


We’re all good! Thanks!
(apart from the weird, self-centered comments from people with no clue and no idea of the situation. Must be nice to be so smug…it might not suit you all so well when you find you aren’t quite as prepared for the Zombie apocalypse as you thought you were).
My models are NOT out of hand, but they do include a fully framed house with every joist (and joist hanger). It’s huge and it was an exercise for me in layers, and components. All in layers, components and groups.
My issue now is that my components (custom work, compiled over years) don’t seem to be recognized and don’t load into the drawing file.

Any thoughts?

BTW…thanks for your help. Totally appreciated! SJ


Can’t afford it. The end. :frowning:


I just downloaded 2017, which I think is the one I was using before. It’s certainly much more responsive and my toolbars are right where I want them. Thanks DaveR! Still working on the components.


If you are using SketchUp for your work, you need to afford it.


Did and did! Thanks!


What behavior do you see when trying to work with your components? Without knowing any symptoms of the problem, the other users on this forum (who are 99.99% not Trimble employees, in case that was not clear) need to guess at possible solutions.


Used to use for work (Landscape Architect). Quit that…too stressful. Now my architectural drawings, landscapes and furniture are purely for pleasure…but I’m doing it daily. One day, if I can get them back, I’ll share the components. They’re awesome.


LOL on the Trimble employee thing. I needed a laugh. :wink:
I’ll get back to everyone after I’ve “played around” for a while!


My sense of humor may be warped, but the earlier comment about the forum user base was not in jest. I sometimes get the sense from posts that the author assumes the responders are employees of the company that owns SketchUp (Trimble Inc.) and possibly even SketchUp’s software developers. I just wanted to make it clear that the folks responding are almost always fellow users such as yourself.


TDahl, Thanks for the response, but I usually think that users are the base of any forum…that’s why I’m here and asking for help. Sorry if I misinterpreted your humour, but I did think it apropos and funny. Maybe it’s me who’s warped! LMAO


My component file is where it should be…open that…files are appropriately named (i.e. Appliances, or Plumbing)…pick any and they are empty. This is new…AFTER I downloaded 2017. They were there before with the silly free version and now they’re gone. Please…looking for expertise!


Perhaps I should have loaded an even earlier version? I can’t remember the last one I had.


Open a local component library.


Thanks Box. I’d like to do that if it would help, but right now, my components are all gone and I have no idea how to get them back. As I stated in an earlier post, the folders are all there as they should be, but they’re reading as empty!!! Any suggestions? Appreciated…


They were there 20 minutes ago…then I downloaded 2017 and they’re gone. grrrrrr.


Okay. Here’s the real story. If I try and open a component on it’s own…it opens in a sketchup file on it’s own. Great.

If I try to import a component into a SU 2017 drawing from my existing file, they show up with all the proper file names, but there is nothing there.

This seems like a simple thing that I’m just not getting.
Please can anyone help?


I’m now into am Extension Manager screen and I’m asked to install. I want to say yes, but to where to I install it? I am stumped and need help.


NO she cannot as SketchUp Free no longer has that Left Sidebar panel.
(Note DaveR has since deleted post #14 that had the old screen shots.)

Instead SketchUp Free now just opens the download all page in a new browser tab when the “App Downloads” link is clicked. (This allows access to installers for all SketchUp desktop language builds.)


Well, then, according to all of the complaints I’ve looked at in this forum, I think SketchUp Make 2019 may not be a bad investment. There are many issues I’ve had with the web-based version, and a bug I’d like to point out in SU2017:

  1. Using SUFree in Safari is plain terrible. (Already Mentioned)
  2. Using SUFree in Chrome is better, but Chrome sucks all of my battery power up. (Already mentioned, but added downside)
  3. There is no ability to install extensions in SUFree (Kind of better for not having anything automatically drawn, but it is a bummer it can’t be used for animating and rendering.
  4. SU2017 still has some bugs that need to be ironed out (i.e. “Autoactivate Paint Tool” where switching to another tool is overridden by the paint tool, therefore not allowing for other tools to be selected without having to click on the, say, Orbit Tool icon multiple times for it to actually switch.), and they may have been for SketchUp Pro 2018, but that is not available to me at this time.

There are many issues in the SU Make 2017, which are negligible, but are still outstanding issues. I wouldn’t be disappointed if an SU2019 doesn’t end up happening, but I feel it would be better for people who use SU as a hobby, or for those who cannot afford the Pro license. (If I am making a point you disagree with, say something, and enlighten me! :wink:)