Performance sucks?



I can not duplicate your SU2017 bug. I`m running windows 10.

I can use the paint bucket and then select any tool either using a shortcut (my preference) or by clicking on another tool.

I can`t say anything about MacOS - but I can say the I find SU2017 very solid.


I’m running Chrome and I’ve downloaded SU Make 2017. Before I had the OS reinstalled a couple of days ago, I was using SU 8(?). Everything was great. These are both the free versions. If I open a new drawing and try to import a component the files are empty. If I go first to the component files and open one, it opens in a new screen but tells me that if I save it in 2017 I can’t use it in any previous version.

Does this mean that I must re-save any drawings I want in 2017 and wait until I need a component to upgrade those? I am really confused.

Thanks for everyone’s help, btw.


Sketchup File Save As gives you the option to save the model in almost any prior version.


The Auto-Activate Paint tool must be checked in the Preferences window. This causes the materials window to pop up when the paint bucket tool is selected. This also causes that bug. If it is already checked off, then the program must’ve originally been designed for windows (which is really annoying, since windows crappy, it’s not open source, it’s poorly developed, cheap, and it has many flaws in it, and everything is created for it.) I’ve never had a system crash in all of my years in using Mac, but I do hear that windows users experience those regularly. That’s just my opinion on it. Anyway, I would love to see SU Make 2019 at some point, because as all of these replies suggest, it doesn’t work extremely well.


…Or…I need to save all drawings (as I open them in 2017) to a former version (SU8?) so that I can access my component files? Ahhh hell…I’ve tried so many ways to do this that I don’t even remember what worked. I’m just tired of all this. (HUGE sigh).


There are so many off topic posts here it’s not worth reading.
If you have an issue with ‘sketchup for web’ then post a clearly laid out question with images and models so people can help you in the Sketchup for web catagory.
If you have issues with other versions of Sketchup, post proper questions with images and models in the relevant categories.


Thanks for your kind words, Box. You are SOOO helpful.
I am here because it seemed that a web version was my only option…NOT because I wanted to…if fact I’d like out of this web hell asap and would prefer to have the program on my computer as I used to…with NO problems whatsoever. If you have any helpful suggestions, they would be welcome…or is this a forum for power-users who already know all the inside info?
I’ve been using SU for years with no issues…now I have.
Sorry I don’t meet your “standards”.
If you can’t help then just don’t respond, please.


BTW, Box…I’ve never uploaded any of my components…perhaps if I get this straightened out, I will. You will be astounded.


The download link has been posted several times and I may be wrong but it could have been specifically to you, but here it is again.


Thank you Box. I do appreciate the link, but in order to restore I think I need to download SU8. I’ve search it and tried, but I ended up with a Spanish language version (It said it was English…just weird). I’ll try again. Thanks.


Once again, this is not the thread to be discussing this and trying to get help.
Start a new thread in the Sketchup Category with a relevant title and describe your problems with images and example models and people will attempt to solve your problems.
In this thread you are only getting those of us that can still be bothered clicking on a thread that says Performance sucks.
Think about it.


Well thanks for that Box. It started as a web-based issue and turned into another. Sorry if I took up any of your time by making you read my pleas.


Why do you feel the need to be rude. We have been trying to help you, part of that is getting to the root of your problem, since you have moved it from web based to ‘another’ please help us to help you by posting in an appropriate category with relevant information.


You’re right…I have been rude and I truly do apologize to all. I am just so frustrated by this whole situation and need help that I was hoping to get here. Although I used to be quite tech savvy, I seem to have become a luddite.

I will try and post some screen captures to describe my fruitless quest.

I do appreciate any help I can get.


I can see your frustration with the perceived “off-topic-ness” of the posts, but “Performance Sucks” could be taken a number of directions. I’ve found that SketchUp is great modeling software, but there are clearly bugs that need to be ironed out, at least from the four years I’ve been using it. If listing bugs is relevant and helpful to this situation, I will give the ones I’ve identified.


To me there is one appropriate direction: discussions of the execution speed of the software. The term “performance” in the context of computer software is fairly widely understood to be related to execution speed. The original poster from last Autumn seemed to have this direction in mind.


Ok. I guess I hadn’t thought about it long enough to draw a reasonable conclusion. Basically, I’ve entered into this thread to see what problems people are facing, and to see if, or how they relate to some of the issues I’ve seen, which brings me to ask you that question.


The thread was about the Web Version, it’s posted in the Web Category, and the off topic posts were about installing or using the desktop version, Hence Off Topic.


I should probably read the tags attributed to each thread, so, yup… I see the irrelevance…


Well, it’s an economic issue for Sketchup. It’s a program with a giant user base. However, 90+% of these users are only ever going to get the free version. So Trimble in their infinite wisdom have opted to discontinue the Make, which means that it’s going to start acting up as windows 10 updates become incompatible with it and nobody makes any fixes,(this has already happened to me, on an Intel machine. My AMD is still stable) thus forcing people to use the abysmally cr#p, stripped down free online version that is all but fraking useless so as to push away all of the free users who does not want to pay for a pro license.
This way they’ll get a much smaller market share, but chances are a lot more people will eventually and grudgingly pay for the free version after all.
It’s cynical, but regular corporate culture.
IMO a much, much better option would be to discontinue the free version all together, make a new version called SketchupHome with all of the features of Make and instead make it 10% of the price of the Pro version as an annual subscription. This would probably net them a far bigger income, be infinitely more fair, and chances are they’d retain a much larger portion of their users who now instead might migrate to 360 fusion which is also free, and a much, much better program.
These people are not idiots, they make cad programs for a living. It does not matter what they say, anyone who has ever done any meaningful 3D work will instantly recognise the free version as a giant flip off to everyone who has ever used Sketchup and a parody of a CAD program. It’s offensive and nasty.