Browser Incognito Mode

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On your computer. It does not mean Google can’t or doesn’t track everything you do online. Switching browsers isn’t going to trick google.

Maybe it should be called “Spouse Mode” because that’s about all it’s good for - hiding things from your spouse. :laughing:

Well it does for a lot of things, we use it app development often in order to get a clean window and run multiple instances of the same app/tool/website. So I will have one of my old apps and be signed in as a customer in the UK in one window and a customer from the US in another window and be testing payment systems etc. Both windows are not communicating with each other and we can record unique results.

I figured if it was able to shield each new browser from those types of functions, simple search would also be covered but always happy to be proven wrong.

Ha yes true, when I ‘need’ something for my computer from Amazon then I will get it from Incognito!

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