Browser issue and files lost

I have two issues.

  1. After I sign in and try to navigate anywhere, I get the message “It looks like you’re using an unsupported browser”. Since I am using Firefox 88.0.1 and there are no updates, why am I seeing this?
  2. The last time I logged in was in November of 2020. I managed to log in using Microsoft Edge and open a new project, but all of the projects I was working on in November are now gone. What happened? Do you delete them due to inactivity?
  1. What if you try logging in with Chrome?

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Do you delete them due to inactivity?

No. They don’t delete files due to activity. Nearly every time someone reports that they can’t find their files, it turns out they were using a different e-mail address. Make sure you are using the correct e-mail address.

Thanks for your quick reply, Dave.

  1. I don’t have Chrome installed. I use Firefox due to security concerns with every other browser. After I log on, clicking the small person icon allows me to either go to Manage My Account or go to My Apps, but I can go no further. The screen I see recommends Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. The requirement for Firefox (found elsewhere) is minimum version 52, and I’m using version 88.
  2. I am using the original email address I supplied when I created my account. It is stored in an offline password manager (KeePass), and I can successfully sign on and get to small person icon which offers the two options I mentioned in #1.

Maybe @colin can help you get sorted.

Thanks much. I’ll check in tomorrow. Cheers!

Or check now! So far I can’t find two of you, though I do find two Free accounts under your name.

The dates I see are from January 2020, does that sound about right for when you started the Free account?

I may need to ask colleagues in the morning, to look into where your models may have gone to.

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January sounds right; I had used the downloaded version a few times before that, but then discovered that the free version was going exclusively online. Since I am a hobbyist just getting started, I can’t see paying for the downloaded version just yet. I only need one account, attached to the email in my profile.

Thanks for checking into the missing models.

My colleague does see several files in your account, with modified dates in November and early December. I had a new idea though, there are three regions, your files are in North America, it may be that you’re looking in Europe or Asia.

Signing in to my account with Edge (Firefox is still unavailable), I see two “products”, both named “SketchUp Free”. I also have one Plan, also named “SketchUp Free”, with 2 seats. There is only one “member” (me), but I have been assigned 2 seats. I only need one product with one seat. Can that be consolidated for simplicity?

I have updated my Preferences with Country and Time Zone, and my Contact info with Country and State. All were unspecified prior to saving those changes. If I return to the main page and click the Start Modeling button the app loads, but there are no files in Trimble Connect, and I was unable to save .SKP files to my computer using the free version, so I don’t see any project files that I can work with.

Update: if I click on the single SketchUp project button from the Trimble Connect page I do see my files now. Perhaps changing the region was what was needed. Thanks Colin!

Now I just need to sort out the browser issue. Are there third-party cookies I need to allow?

Almost all Trimble web pages use cookies. That’s worth looking into. They are not third party ones.

Final update: after I updated my profile with region, country, etc. using Edge, it seems the proper cookies are now being fed to Firefox, so I’m now up and running and see my saved projects.

I had signed out of SkecthUp in both browsers, closed them, left them alone for a while, and then tried again before going on an exhaustive cookie hunt. This time I wasn’t stopped in Firefox with the message about an unsupported browser, so I was able to get to the blank project page and then open my files.

Thanks for the hint about localization Colin. It’s frustrating that that wasn’t apparent earlier on and mentioned as a potential cause of the “unsupported browser” issue, but I’m up and running now. I appreciate your help.

Cheers! - Alan