Sketch gone

I have switched browsers from Firefox to new Edge. When I logged in to my account in SketchUp Web, my saved sketch was gone.

Edge is not fully supported, fire up the fox and also save a copy of your model by downloading it

I know of a couple of cases where Edge has some problems, but for the web app it seems to work ok. The saved model not being there sounds more like being signed in with the wrong account.

I re-installed Firefox. The old data was intact, so it logged me in immediately with the same account. The sketch was gone there too.

If you click on my avatar you can send a message to me, with more of your details so I could look to see if there are issues. Tracking you down with just Anonymous223 is hard.

Ty colin, but I can’t find any message button in your profile. Can be because I don’t have a license.

@Colin: @Anonymous223 may still have only the starting forum permissions - meaning they can’t initiate a private message. If you message them, they should be able to reply.

Good idea, I’ll do that.

Hi @Anonymous223,

When you switch browsers in SketchUp for Web, the Recent Files that you had in one browswer are (not yet) availalabe when you open the app in a new browser.

If you haven’t already, try opening the Trimble Connect tab to look for the model you saved.

Let me know if this helps!


This was something that I only figured out yesterday. For me, if I go to in Safari, I land on the page that shows my projects. If I do that in Chrome, I’m on the Home section, and only see one recent file. For a moment I thought I was reproducing the missing models issue, but eventually noticed that the two browsers were landing in different sections.

Found the model under the Trimble Connect tab. Thanks everyone.

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