Logged in to Sketchup, my saved model is gone


I’ve been working on a model over the course of 6-8 weeks, saving regularly. Have closed and opened the saved model a number of times. Recently the browser tab I had it open in crashed. Logged in again, and I see no saved models. Where did it go?


This seems to happen when a browser thinks you’re logged in at multiple locations. Try logging out and back in. If it’s a Google login, unauthorize SketchUp via https://myaccount.google.com/security#connectedapps and then sign in again.


Thanks, I tried your suggestion (I have been logging in via Google, so I removed the “Trimble Identity” app) and logged in again. Still showing nothing in my folder. Any other thoughts? This Trimble stuff seems new, I don’t remember seeing it before; I created a Trimble account earlier today when I was trying to re-login and find my model.


Those are different logins - Google or Trimble. Use the same one you previously used. They are different.


Thanks so much for your help. This didn’t work, but it helped me realize that I must not have been using a google login. User error! So sorry. I’m all set now.


You’re not the first: a few of us have complained from the start that the UI makes it too easy to confuse.