Extremely Frustrated with Sketchup! Did not update my project!


Spent 12 hours yesterday working on my kids play structure and 4 of them were not updated. WTF Sketchup?
How do you expect people to use your products with such problems???
I made sure I clicked save several times before I shut down my browser last night.
Extrememly pissed!


Not helpful now I know but if I’ve ever used the web version I always save a hard copy to desktop or Google drive etc.


Not sure if that is possible with this web version. I only tried it because I thought it had been tested. Apparently not as it seems it is in it’s Alpha or beta versions.


Yes. It is possible with the web version to download a copy of the file to your computer.


Try signing out and signing back in. Perhaps you are looking at a cached display of your Trimble Connect project folder.


If you want to be in control of your files you can still download the desktop version. In my view it also has a simpler UI to use, with conventional menus, and the tools are easier to learn as their icons have colors.



Thanks for the tip. Tried it but older version was still in my account.
I will be downloading the current version from now on. Thanks.


Thanks as this is the version I use to use. Had very little problems with it. Maybe I will go back to it.


Hi Jamr

Really sorry you’re having problems? Can you give us more info about exactly what went wrong? This will help us locate and fix the problem more quickly. Were your files not saving? Can you not see files in your project? Something else?

Best Regards!


I was working most of the day yesterday on a project. Everything was fine with the saving as it seemed to be auto saving the project fine as well as me clicking the save button about every hour.
I finally stopped about 12 midnight Pacific time after clicking the save button one last time. I noticed it said at the bottom of the screen that the file was saved and closed the browser and shut down the computer.
When I opened the file this morning, about 4 hours of my work on this file is now gone.
Can’t say when it stopped saving it. Checked if it was hidden on a closed layer or hidden and can’t find the missing items anywhere. As recommended, I signed out and back in and same results.
Extremely bummed at this point as I will have to do all that work again.


Hi Jamr,

When you log into Trimble Connect directly (http://connect.trimble.com), do you see your project? Is it up-to-date there?



When I logged into my account this morning. The file was in my account. Unfortunately it was a version of the file that was last save about 4 hours before I stopped working on it last night so the last 4 hours of work was wasted and for nothing.


In my experience this is what you have to expect from any cloud based software or other software with automatic updates. From one day to the next something breaks, or changes to the worse. It’s similar on Facebook when you suddenly can no longer middle mouse click something to open it in a new tab or when Gitkraken suddenly refuses to connect to a remote. Or when Spotify suddenly has a color scheme with awful contrast, making it very hard to read the text. Or when this very forum suddenly forces you to select a category for a post before you can write the text itself, interrupting you in your train of thoughts and making you forget what you were just about to write.

Often the issue is quickly fixed, but in some situations the damage is already done. Even if everything can be restored the unplescent memory remains and the trust in the software is damaged.

I’d personally very much prefer learning a bug exists and work around it for a year than having it appear out of nowhere and then be gone before you really knew what happened.


Thanks for trying that- we’re scratching our heads here in Boulder trying to figure out how you got into this state. Obviously, we’d like to prevent this from happening again.

Our best guess at this time is that you may have clicked the “save” button then closed your browser window before the save operation completed. This would be functionally equivalent to force quitting the SketchUp desktop client while it was saving.

Interrupting the SketchUp desktop client mid-save would most likely result in a corrupted (unreadable) SketchUp model saved to your local disk. In SketchUp for Web’s case, instead of overwriting your locally-saved model with a corrupt copy, the save operation is just cancelled- leaving your last successfully saved version intact in Trimble Connect’s version control system.

That you didn’t see SketchUp offer to recover a partially-saved version of your file when you reloaded the SketchUp for Web application in your browser is somewhat troubling- we can’t figure out why you didn’t have a ‘recovered’ model waiting for you in the browser cache when you returned to the application.

If you were modelling in Incognito mode, or if you had cleared your browser cache before reloading the application, then the recoverable model file would be lost. Is it possible that you cleared your cache?



It is not possible that I cleared my cache. I turned the computer off immediately after closing the browser and then back on and opened the browser and the file.
Is there any logs to show what time the saves were done on that day?
I gave you the time I stopped around midnight and started about 9 am the next day.
I learned a valuable lesson and will have to save the file I am working on on my local machine. Apparently auto save is nice but I should not rely on it.


Closing your browser and then immediately restarting your computer is the sort of thing that could have caused the problem you experienced. This would be similar in effect to force quitting SketchUp midway through a save operation. We display a warning dialog if your model has unsaved changes, but that can be easy to miss if you are in a hurry to shut things down.

I’m sorry, but while we do keep good log files, there are just so many people who were using SketchUp Free during the same time period as you that it really isn’t practical for us to find your individual session. A needle in the haystack, I’m afraid. In a surprisingly large haystack.

You are certainly welcome to save your models locally, but keep in mind that if you quit your browser session mid-save you can still damage your model. And if you quit your browser before saving at all, it is still possible for you to lose unsaved work. Actually, this is the same whether you’re working in our browser implementation or from our native desktop client.


Maybe you need to update the Auto-Save feature to 5 minutes so it can constantly save a back-up. And if you open the latest save and find it is not the latest, then go open the Auto-Save file. I personally have never had this problem unless the power shuts everything down.


The generally accepted method for updating (I’m a long time C++ programmer) is to first save the file under a different extension and then rename the original as a backup and finally rename the saved file as the original.

It is true that you will loose work if stop the process in mid stream, however, you won’t end up with a corrupt file.

Personally - I never use auto save. I save when I want to. I can then append a new number to a save when I want the option to roll back a session or a portion of a session.

Each to his / her own - but this works for me.


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