Project won't save anymore

Hello all,

I have been using Sketchup free web to create a project. I’ve been working on it for a few days now and then yesterday it stopped automatically saving, and it coming up with something about newer version of model in my account can see in photo attached? then just constantly says saving, but doesn’t save. not sure what to do?



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To be safe, I’d suggest first downloading a back-up of your modeling progress. Go to the File menu (the Folder icon), and then click Download.

Then, what you can do is go to the Home Tab, and click Open. This will allow you to load that back-up file into SketchUp for Web. You can save that as a new fork of your project, or you can use the Save As option in the file menu to overwrite the last saved version of the model (the one you are having problems with right now).

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your message. The problem is when i click save as, it just says ‘saving’ and doesnt change to ‘saved’ i’ve just spent 4 hours today thinking it had saved and now i’ve lost all of that work too.

What is the solution for now on the web version? Will I have the problem on Sketchup pro? Which i do plan on upgrading to at some point but wanted to get familiar with the program first.

You could be experiencing some delay due to saving being done through your internet connection. The normal save route with SketchUp Pro is direct to your local drive so you shouldn’t see any delay.

Ok thanks. I’ve just lost my work again since typing this message, this error pops up - as in photo . I have downloaded the file and uploaded it again but it will not save to trimble

How large is the file?

Mark may have more advice about the saving thing.

FWIW, if you are planning to switch to Pro, you might want to go ahead and do it now. The user interface is enough different that you would probably find it easier just to get started with the desktop version. There’s a 30-day trial period so you can use all the functions and try them out. You could download your project to your computer and open it in the desktop version and continue working on it.

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I just did a little testing. I had a 31 Mb file open in SketchUp for Web. I made a change and it took about 30 seconds to save. I can’t measure the save time for the same file in SU2020 because it’s too short for the resolution of the timer I have.

A few ideas:

First, definitely download a back-up of your file if you haven’t already. (Per my previous post: click the File icon next to the file name, and choose Download). When it downloads: how big is the file in question?

After you download, try starting a new file with almost nothing in it and saving it as a new file. See if that works. (It would give me some sense of whether the problem with the other file is its size).

If you aren’t already, try using SketchUp for Web in the Google Chrome web browser.

SketchUp Pro starts with a 30-day free trial, so there’s no harm in trying out the desktop version to see if you have better luck. With a file save problem like this, I’m worried that your file may have been corrupted in some way. Did you download any components from the 3D Warehouse into your model?

Thanks for hanging in there; I’m sorry to hear you lost your progress! If the file saved at all, you can try to recover it in the revision history. (