I can't save my Sketchup file



I’m using the web version of Sketchup free. I can create models but when I go to save my model I can’t. I get the Trimble Connect screen but the thought weel just spins and never stops. I can’t save the file.

How do I overcome this problem?



Well for now while troubleshooting so you don’t loose the model, download it locally to your HD.


I don’t seem to be able to do that either



This option doesn’t work?

SketchUp Web Export

Upload your file here and someone may be able to walk you thru this.

Use the 7th icon (upward pointing arrow above a bar) from left at top of reply window.


Wouldn’t that be difficult if he can’t save the file in the first place?


Save your file to your desktop, then clear the cache in your browser. I had the same issue.


Hey Greg! If you (or anyone reading this thread) sees this happen again, is there anyway you could screen grab it with a recording or screenshots? We just want to see what’s happening and try to help problem solve if possible. Thanks!


This is what the screen looks like



Are you able to type into that file name box?


No I’m not able to type into the file name box


It looks like you need a folder to save the SKP file into. Try this: Go directly to Trimble Connect and sign in. Then create a new project there. In SketchUp Free use Save as…, select the project folder you create and then save the file.

I clicked on New Project and created the folder called “Sample SketchUp Files.”

In SketchUp Free, with no project folder selected to save the file into, the Save here button is grayed out.

After selecting the project folder, the Save here button is available.

After clicking on Save here and then returning to the Trimble Connect page via the hamburger menu, you can see that the file has indeed been saved.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your suggestion, but I’m still running into problems. So far I have:

  • Signed into Trimble Connect;
  • Created a new project in Trimble Connect,
    (so far so good).

However, I can’t open Sketchup from the Trimble Connect Project Page.

So I opened a new browser page and opened the Sketchup page.

I created a basic model to save

Then I went to the ‘Save as’ to save the model to my folder.

But again I then got this:

The little wheel in the middle of the screen just keeps turning indefinitely and doesn’t open the project folders.

I’m really frustrated because I’ve got some great designs in Sketchup but I can’t save them.

Any other suggestions???

Your help is really appreciated.



Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10


So if you go directly to Trimble Connect, you can sign in and create the project folder?

What happens if you go to the page you displayed, above, and click on Account?

I’d be inclined to suggest that you just install the desktop client version of SketchUp and get on with your designs.



Thanks for your prompt response.

I can sign in to Trimble Connect and create the project folder.

If I go to the Sketchup page and click on Account I get the following screen:

That doesn’t really seem to help me much.

I think I’m coming to the conclusion I may need Sketchup Pro – just a bit put off by the cost and also I prefer a cloud based app so I can work on projects from a number of different locations on a number of different computers.



Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10


I wonder if it has to do with using a Hotmail e-mail address.

Well, if your projects are something more than hobby stuff, you need to be using Pro anyway.


Dave, I think that’s what I’ll do. I really appreciate all your time and effort though to try and solve this issue. Regards, Greg

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Best wishes. If you need help getting SU2018 set up, feel free to ask. PM if you’d rather. Us Richards’ have to stick together, after all.


I’m encountering the same problem. Been using sketchup free to try to model some possible variations on an addition to my brother’s house for my mom to live in. Wanted to have something specific to show the builder. Is this beyond what I can or should be doing with the free version? When I try to save, a message pops up, “Sorry, we seem to be having problems looking up your models. Our team has been notified.” and the wheel continues to spin. Also can’t download to the hard drive.


After getting this message for a long time each instance I tried to save, the mac beachball came up. At that point I reopened on the cloud through the trimble site and downloaded the last saved version with a date from weeks ago. I opened this download from the hard drive. As sketchup was opening, a popup informed me that a later version had been automatically saved and asked if I wanted that later version. On selecting, yes, a version that I’d just been working on came up with everything there- sigh of relief!