File won't save


ive developed a model in sketchup, but it wont save it.whenever i press save, it just says saving… but then freezes and shortly after says failed to save. i tried closing it but as i thought, when i returned, all my new work was gone again.

any ideas what i could do?


Hard to tell with so little to go on. Try purging unused components and then purge unused materials and see if that helps.

ive tried to do that, but for some reason it doesnt let me, as in i follow peoples instructions but under model info there is no option to purge.

That’s not where you should be looking for purging unused on the web version. Go into the Components panel, select the In Model collection and click the Purge button at the bottom. Repeat for Materials.

i have pressed purge but now it has been frozen again for 15 minutes and isnt saying anything or letting me press anything. what do i do?

How big was the file?

Can you download the file to your computer?

its 91mb right now.

That’s probably the problem.

Try downloading the file to your computer.

is that too big? i shrunk it down multiple times. also it wont let me download it, and if i do how can i edit it afterwards?

It is big for a SketchUp file.

How did you shrink it down?

I was thinking that you could share the file so we can take a look and maybe help you sort it out.

i meant that i made the model smaller because i thought it would make the file smaller but it might not work like that. id be happy to share the file but its completely frozen.

What do you mean by making the model smaller? Using the Scale tool?

At this point, I guess I would quit out of SketchUp and open it again to download it or go directly to your Trimble Connect account and download it from there.

yeah, thats what i meant. i downloaded it from the web but it doesnt let me upload it here, it says error.

It’s too big to load into the forum directly (max file size currently about 15MB). Upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer, and share a link in your next post.

About the scaling? That won’t have any impact on file size.

As John said, upload it to DropBox or somewhere and share the link.

does this work?

No. It sends my to the viewer and my own files.

Why not do what we asked you to do?

im not sure how to upload it then?

You said you’ve downloaded the file to your computer. Upload it to Drop Box or WE Transfer like John asked you to do and share the link.

its saying the file i chose is empty