File won't save

So you didn’t download the file?

Can you open it in SketchUp Free from your Trimble Connect account?

im trying again now, also i have another sketchup file thats 0.28 gb and this one is 0.08

280 Mb? That’s a pretty big file. What is it you are modeling?

they are both houses with a complete interior

does this link work?

I got a file.

I corrected the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 2_21_2021 , 5_41_34 PM

…and purged unused stuff…

Screenshot - 2_21_2021 , 5_42_17 PM

This reduced the file size from 86.5 Mb to 35.3 Mb, almost a 60% reduction.

You need to get a handle on correct group and component usage along with correct tag usage. Only components and groups get tags. ALL edges and faces remain untagged.

There are also a lot of reversed faces in your model. You should only have white front faces visible.

Is this just a hobby thing? How do you plan to use the model?

Here’s the purged file.

yes, this is just a hobby at the moment. im hoping to study architecture but im only doing my gcses now so i have time to learn. im going to hopefully do a course of some sort because so far ive taught this all to myself.

how can i get this file back into sketchup to finish it?

thanks for your help also.

You should be able to go to and then click Open at the top of the screen and then choose My Computer.
Screenshot - 2_21_2021 , 5_58_56 PM

You should spend some time at

thank you very much, but is it possible to get my materials and textures back?

I just turned them off in the style. I didn’t delete any of them that were being used. Go to the Styles panel. Pick the Default styles and select Shaded with Textures.