SketchUp Free Online not saving

Everytime I try to save my project or it tries to autosave, I get a pop-up message that says “ says Failed to save file.”
I tried to download my project to at least have some way to save my progress, but then I get “ERROR An error occurred while downloading the model.”
Does anyone know why this might be happening or what I could try doing to get my project to save?
I am using Google Chrome and I keep my browser up to date whenever there are updates. I also tried clearing my Google Chrome Cache, but that didn’t fix my issue either.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts/suggestions!

Try purging unused components and then unused materials from your file.

Can you download the .skp file to your computer?

Do you mean getting rid of extra things in the file? Or do you mean something else? Unfortunately I don’t really have any extra things in the file that I would like to get rid of.
Nope, I tried that and unfortunately get the error message: “An error occurred while downloading the model.”

Yes. Get rid of unused stuff. I’m not talking about tremoving content from the model space. Go to the Components panel, click the house icon so you are seeing the In Model components and click the Purge button at the bottom. Then repeat for the Materials panel.

Screenshot - 9_2_2021 , 9_58_15 AM

Oh okay, I see! I tried doing that, and now instead of getting an error message when I try to save, it just shows “saving” and never changes to “saved” and my cursor also shows a spinning wheel, so it does appear that it still isn’t saving unfortunately.

What about downloading? Will that work?

Nope, it unfortunately still gives the same error message when I try to download it.

It may very well be that after purging you still have a huge file. What do you have in it? Can you show some screen shots?

When I open my SketchUp account in another tab, it looks like the file was around 58MB the last time it saved, so it might be a little larger now - is that really huge?
Here is a screenshot of everything in the file.
Thanks for all of your help!

Yes. That’s huge for a SketchUp Free file.

What are you trying to show in your model? It kind of looks like a series of build phases. Is that right?

Oh I didn’t realize that! Kind of, it’s a couple of different possible designs/floor plans for my tiny house project. Okay, in that case I’ll try and split my couple different ideas into separate files and see if that helps.

You could improve the efficiency of working and reduce the file size if you use components, groups, tags and scenes. This would also keep your file size down. There’s no need for multiple copies of the base trailer, for example. You can build your different versions on the same base. Use tags to control which version is which.

I made my file smaller and it saved now - thank you for all of your help! Those are good ideas in your most recent message as well, so I will try that as well. Thank you again!


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