Not able to save file - stuck on "Saving"

I have a file that I have been working on this morning in Sketchup Free - web version. I was able to save earlier today. However, the auto save function is stuck on Saving. I checked the save as function and it is greyed out. File/Save doesnt show up on the drop down. I have done a select all and copied and went to try to open a new tab / new file and since I am active in one tab it wont allow me to open another tab…

I am drawing a building for a mission trip down in Jamaica of the conference center. The building was built by other teams in the past and it they never had drawings, so I am backtracking.

I dont want to lose the data.

I am on Windows Pro 10. I have checked and I do have internet as I was able to log in and open other sites.

Any ideas? If I export, it appears I have to upgrade. Is there a way to export for free and then import back into Sketchup…?

Can you provide a couple ideas/options?

Very likely the model file is huge. Try purging unused components and then materials from the file.

It depends on what file type you want to export as. You should be able to download the .skp file directly to your computer if you want.

When you say purging, if I open up the view on the right, I can see the different components. If I delete them there, will it physically delete them on the drawing? Or just not allow me to use that component again - although it appears I have what I need for the current components…

I just told you to purge the unused components in the model. Click on the Purge button at the bottom of the Components panel. Do the same for Materials AFTER purging unused components.

I have followed your suggestion. I have yet to use materials and I only had 7 Components that I created. I left and came back and it still has not saved.

I tried to open a new space and copy and paste to it. I did a select all, but it wont paste to the new one.

I also tried to download a file, but it only downloaded what I did up until this morning.
Are there any other suggestions? Options? So that I dont lose my work?

When I have lags w/ saving a file, it has helped to check for i-net connection ‘hiccups’. Good luck.