SketchUp stuck on "saving"

I’m using the free version of Sketchup online.
I’ve been working on a design for quite a long time with no issue.
But after 2 days of hard work I see SketchUp is stuck on the “saving…” phase.
I didn’t check this earlier so I have no idea how long it has been like this. I’m quite afraid many modifications can get lost.
Nothing happens when I click on Save, and I can’t used the “save as” option either (grey).
I have no error message.
When I try to open another window I can open and save other designs without issue.
What could be the problem? Is there any way for me to prevent losing all my last changes, or worse, get a corrupt file if I quit without the saving process being completed?
Many thanks,

Perhaps the file is too big. Purging unused components and materials would be the first place to start.

What are you modeling?

Thanks for your answer.
Alas, I doubt the size is the issue: Last time I successfully saved the file, it was 1.1 Mb… :disappointed:
I’m modeling a piece of furniture.

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