Sketchup For Schools Does not save

I’ve been trying to save my work for a while now and I was about to submit it for an assessment but it wont save. I’ve looked through the forums for a solution but was unable to find anything. Can anyone please help?

Perhaps it’s a file size thing. First try purging unused components, materials, and styles.

I tried purging but the project crashed

Im unsure as to why it keeps crashing and really need soem urgent help.

Download it to your computer and share it here. If the file is to large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

Alright Ill Try that

It says there was an error while i was uploading the file to this forum.

Probably because it’s too large to upload here. As I wrote, if that’s the case, upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

Thats what I’m doing thank you.

The name may sound weird but Ive had to split up the project due to performance issues.

Were you able to access it?

Do you have any idea as to how I can fix this?

Yes. I was able to access it. It’s kind of no wonder you were experiencing performance issues considering the file size.

I’ve opened it in SketchUp Pro to see what can be cleaned up. Your file shows incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 3_25_2021 , 3_59_39 PM

…a ton of unused stuff…
Screenshot - 3_25_2021 , 4_00_53 PM

… and most of the faces in the model are incorrectly oriented. The blue is the back face color.

Getting rid of the unused stuff in your model reduce the file size by more than 99%.
2 bedrooms and master walk in and toilet_ Landscaping for outside purged.skp (787.5 KB)

Have patience.

Sorry lol

Im very stressed out Ive been trying to find an answer for a while.

And my project is due in around 16 hours. Of the 16 Hours I dont have very much time to work on it.

I uploaded the purged file for you. I only got rid of the stuff that wasn’t being used in the model space.

I suspect you’ve been harvesting a lot of stuff from the 3D Warehouse to try out but then deleting it from the model space. That doesn’t remove it from the file, though, so you need to purge unused stuff frequently. Purge unused components and then purge unused materials.

Thank you very much I feel so relieved to know that I may be able to submit it on time. Im going to test it out now. I may be back here if it doesnt go well.