Unable to save on sketchup web

Hello everyone,

I am kind of lock, my model after fews more modifications get locked, it s writting saving… but is lock in the process.
I am afraid that my file is corrupted or something…if it the case I am loosing 2 weeks of drawing.

Is anyone can help me, any advice is precious.

Thank you


what do you mean by lock in the process ? is your browser not responding ?
Have you tried accessing sketchup for web from another tab to see if the autosave was effective ?

Maybe it has become to big and you could try to purge some elements (components, materials)
Do a search for purge and start with the components, then materials and styles (it is a litlle ‘recycle’ looking icon)

With the web based modeler, every ‘save’ is being saved as a version in Trimble Connect (ie. v1,v2, etc)
You can never loose more work than the set autosave time interval.(Version history is available in connect.trimble.com )

Try closing the browser and clear the caches.
Then fire up and open the web based modeler again.


It appears that it is a bit more complicate than that, even if I start a new project, after a while an error occurs and want send a report, then it is not anymore possible to save again it’s lokk under “saving”

Any idea?


have you tried logging out and in again, to see if it was still happening ?

Yes of course, same problem occurs, and work is lost.


Yes i tied from an other computer and it happend the same.
By lock in the process, I mean that it s like trying to save but cannot achieve it and stay stuck on that position.
Even create a new project get the same result after a while.
I dowload sketchup 2021 and now all is working.

It like my free session is corrupted.

I wonder if you reached your storage limit… Not sure of that, but being a cloud service, there might be a certain amount of data allowed for every free account that would explain the lock

do you have many files saved in your cloud ? (trimble account, that is)

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