Elusive sketchup file


I have a sketchup file that I have been working on for a few weeks. It was originally downloaded from dropbox and I was opening it in the downloads folder.

Sketchup crashed Thursday but I found the file where it should be (in the downloads folder) opened it and it was fine. Worked on it all night Friday and then Saturday, gone, reverted back to a file that was at least 2 weeks old.

Tried everything, read everything, googled everything, talked to my tech gurus and no one can make sense of it.

I’m okay with losing the work I did Friday, but why has the file that I opened on Thursday just reverted back to an earlier file?

I have autosave on, annoying but I keep it on.

I’m not very technical so you may find the urge to face palm and call me an idiot but please don’t.

Pressure is starting to build as I have to get this work out.

I have sketchup pro but I was using a trial version, not sure why I did, I was working remotely on one of my assistant’s machine’s and just opened sketchup, not realizing initially that she only had the trial version running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) but you write you have SketchUp Pro. And you indicate you were using your assistant’s computer. What version of SketchUp are they using? If you are using a desktop version, saves are normally to a folder on the internal drive of the computer. If you are using a web-based version, saves would be to your Trimble Connect cloud storage. Without clarification it’s difficullt to say exactly where your SketchUp file is.

Based on your post, neither you nor your assistant should be using SketchUp Free but only you can tell us if you are.

Hi there,

yes when you sign up to this forum, it asks what version you are asking about, not all the versions you have.

I was remoting to her computer because it is faster and didn’t realize it was a trial version. I actually have 3 Pro versions, so I pay my dues Dave, but we struggle to remember passwords/login names for all. Anyway that is another matter but something I find frustrating with the online application which constantly logs us out

They are using 2022 and it is a desktop application.