Please help, can't find my saved files



Hi there, sorry for getting right to it, but I’m super frustrated right now.

I’ve discovered SketchUp just recently and used the browser app until today. I downloaded Pro this morning and I’ve downloaded one of my most advanced projects as well and worked on it the whole day, saving every now and then.

A few minutes ago I got the error message “Your project is corrupted beyond repair. Close and the last saved file or autosave will be accessible” (or something like that). That happened right after I downloaded a model from the workshop that looked faulty (was kinda cut in half).

Now, however, I can’t locate any files linked to SketchUp on my computer :confounded: I know it autosaved on occasion and I KNOW I hit the save button every time after making some major changes, but where is it? I checked the default location, there’s nothing in my documents, and I didn’t fiddle around with the path - after downloading my project I went straight to work.
I also checked the cloud save in the web browser (I’m a bit scared if I download it again it will overwrite whatever is left from the newer, lost version), but that looks how I left it this morning.

Please help, that were so many hours I invested in my design.


did you look in your documents folder for .skb files? under view, tick show hidden files.


As Michael suggests, I’d do a system wide search in file explorer of the whole PC using *.skb.

Where did you “download” your original from? Maybe it’s in that area.


Documents was the first place I checked, nothing there, nothing hidden either.

I downloaded the file from Trimble Connect, because that’s where I saved all my web projects. I don’t really get what you mean with “that area”. As I said, I checked the file that’s on there already and it’s still the old version.

I’m just doing the *.skb search on my computer, I hope it’ll find something.

I’m just wondering, when you open a file fom Trimble Connect in the program on your computer instead of the web browser, it’s supposed to put the file once you hit “save” in the default location, does it? Given you didn’t change anything.

I don’t get how it can just poof away without any trace.


It is weird.
By “that area” I was meaning the original source, which I guess is Trimble connect.
I am not familiar with Trimble connect (feels like a dropbox concept).
I would download it again and be sure to put it in a new folder so there is no chance of an overwrite and change its file name. I would then open that version in sketchup and do a “save as” command to see where it is saving to, would assume the previous version would of saved to that same place?


Oh man, I got it.

The file search did the trick, but it took a while. For whatever reason it ended up in C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp
I’m glad I did the search, never would have looked there :rofl: Could also be that it would have gotten deleted at some point, because it seems to be just temporary data? Hm.

Anyway, I’m happy to have it back :smile: Thanks for the help!


It sounds like you downloaded the web file into the desktop version and then didn’t save it to a specific location. It would naturally then be found in a Temp folder.


Yep, that’s what I did.

I google before and everything I found was always just leading me to the Documents folder. At least now I know.


So glad you found it, it’s a horrible thing to lose hours of creative work. Also good that the system wide search eventually found it, I went through the same procedure just yesterday for someone to locate a lost file. A good reminder for all of us to not only save save save, but to know where it’s saving to too. Using the auto-save (window/preferences/general) feature is another useful way to minimize lost work due to a crash.


Just to note, That can fail if you haven’t saved the file to a specific location first.


Indeed… hence

I’ve had somewhat of a love/hate for the feature. Ultimately I leave it on and set it to account for how much work I can produce in a certain amount of time…so 20 minutes is as much as I could tolerate to lose. The annoyance then comes from minor interruptions at the moments of “auto-saving” every 20 minutes!..but a small price to pay when on a deadline with the harrowing possibility of having to start all over.


I on the other hand turned it off many version ago and haven’t used it since. I save and save as regularly so that I know where I am and have incremental stages I can go back to if necessary.


I wish I had the self discipline to work that way! I get too distracted by the process and often working under the clock, so I need a parachute. Have tried spells of switching auto save off but have come unstuck, likely assuming I had it on. I do however maintain versions which is key to managing evolving client expectations and revisions.


My process (on a Mac) is similar. Some years ago I decided that auto-save was annoying both due to the uncontrolled delay (for a larger model) and possibly quite disruptive (if the validity-check fails, which I leave on). So I disabled auto-save. I explicitly save fairly often, every few minutes, out of paranoia. When I’m about to do something that might be especially hard to undo or change, I save and then use the Mac Finder’s Duplicate feature to make a copy of the file. On my current work-in-progress model (about two months into it) I’m up to 60 or 70 copies. I’ll eventually delete or archive them all.


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