HELP! Saved files missing!


On 8-3-22 I opened a .skp file that I had previously published to Trimble connect. Since then (Over 5 weeks), I’ve been working on this this project and have been very careful to save it very often. I always click “save as” and increase the version number every time I save, so that I can go back if needed. My Computer just rebooted to install an IT update, and I no longer can find any of my files created after 8-3. Now when I open sketchup/file, click on the recently saved file, it shows that the file contains an incorrect path (see snip below). Am I reading this correctly? To me, it looks like my file has been being saved as a temp file and was just wiped out by the IT upgrade??? How can I recover this significant amount of lost work??

PS. I’ve also checked in the recycle bin and the saved files are not there.


Files in Temp folders would eventually be wiped out by the operating system even if IT didn’t do anything. The reboot is probably responsible. Files in Temp folders don’t go to the Recycle bin when deleted. Did all of the times you used Save as… save to the Temp folder? If so, it’s unlikely they would be recoverable.

Did you publish your model back to Trimble Connect at all after the first time?

Unfortunately I didn’t look where they were being saved. I just assumed they were being saved to the usual documents/sketchup folder with the rest of my files. I didn’t realize that they would save to a temp file because I opened the file from connect. I did not publish after. I usually only do that If I’m going to to be editing from a different computer. Wow there goes probably a week of my life to a stupid mistake…

Very much a bummer. When you first open a file from Trimble Connect it gets downloaded into a Temp folder so auto saves have somewhere local to save. I think the expectation would be that you will use Publish or Publish as… when you stop working on the file for the session. I guess thealternative would be to change the folder to your normal folder location. Of course if you have a copy of the file already saved there, you need to be careful because you could overwrite it.

I wish I had a better solution. I’m not confident but it might be that some disk recovery application could find the file.

FWIW, if you plan to use TC merely as a go-between two or more devices, it’s better to just use the download option.
However, if you want a version history, opening via the extension and then doing a publish every progress will publish it to the cloud.
The cloud than acts as the ‘single source of truth’

if you plan on making one machine the ‘single source’ one might consider Trimble Connect Sync and set this up on the rest of the devices to sync. It will still use the cloud, though…

I will always still keep a local back up drive for my work. It only takes losing it once to make you realize the importance of multiple backs. I back up to dropbox and 3 local drives.

I will look into the sync function. That seems like it might be a good option for me.


Yep, I’m thinking I’ll sync and do a separate local backup from here on out. I’ll definately only make this mistake once.

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May I suggest your primary save is on the local drive and you sync to the cloud? There have been many cases in which users were working on files that are saved to the cloud wound up with corrupted files.

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