How I have lost my changes?

Hi. I was modeling a frame of the house few weeks ago. I was using SketchUp Make 2016. I do never shut down my computer, so I had SketchUp opened for a while. I was working at evenings, constantly manually hitting Ctrl+S. I was pretty sure my work is safe. Few days ago I needed to restart my computer. When closing SketchUp it asked if I want to save changes. I believed that nothing except camera position should not have changed, so I clicked NO. Guess what. Today I have opened model file and about week of my work is missing. How this could have happened? Model file is pretty old, backup even older. I have installed program which shows removed files but it didn’t found anything helpful. Also I haven’t found any AutoSave files. My settings are mostly default (auto-save every 5 minutes).

Is there a chance to recover my work? Are there any other places where I could look for backups?

I’m feeling pretty upset. But don’t worry. My changes might be lost, but I will recover. :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ve at some point saved it to another location for some reason. That could explain why the file you’ve found is outdated. Autosaves uses the extensions skb (not skp) and are by default saved in the same directory as the normal file.

What you have on you pc depends on how you have the preferences set . If you have backup set then you should have as minimum the last official saved file. It is possible to have several different saved file versions, read the the write up to under stand thaT.
Since you have win 10 I would use the file explorer to do a( wild card) search to see if you can find the latest stored some place than normally expected.
Do that search simply by *.skb or *.skp ( one at time. It will take some time so be patient.) on you total hard disk. That should return any file with those extensions.
Trimble has recently made some changes on how / where some content is stored and per their notes the file locations should not be affected but better safe than sorry’:slight_smile: