Sketchup Crashed and Lost Model! Someone Please help!

Hi all,

Someone please help. I have spent about 4hrs on a model and sketchup went unresponsive. I waited for it to correct itself but nothing happened for ages and i had to crash my computer. Autosave was switched on to save every 5 mins but i have tried to find any autosaved files on my computer and nothing comes up. Is there any way i can retrieve my model!??


Well the autosave should have kicked in, so don’t open a new file and overwrite the autosave file, are you sure you have checked the correct directory?

I only opened Sketchup to see if it would bring up a dialogue box saying that there was an unsaved file etc…but nothing came up.
I looked at a couple of conversation where some people go to revert, however i couldn’t click on it. I searched my pc for any file names with autosave and nothing came up…
How do i check the correct directory??? :thinking:

I think you need to make an actual save first of the file before autosave kicks in. The autosave file will be in the same directory as the actual file. I believe.

ooh OK…■■■■! so i have to start again!?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::rage:

Unless you saved the file to some specific location, look for the latest autosave file where your SU models are saved by default. Find that location by going to Window > Preferences > Files.

Did you ever save the file manually?

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FYI, the autosave file naming will be recognisable and have the extension (assuming you have extensions showing in your OS, else change the setting so it shows) of .SKB instead of .SKP.

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Autosaves are saved to the same directory as the working model. As Julian said they have the exact same name but with the file extension skb instead of skp (b meaning backup I’ll presume).

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