Model did not autosave?


4-26-18 I was working on a Model and a Sketch up error occurred at the end of my day. It was an “oops” message if I recall correctly. It looked as if the new components were saved via auto save, when viewing the unopened file picture in “documents” .
I had some time to work on it today and only a much earlier version of the Model existed in the “Documents”. Im wondering if auto save would have saved it somewhere else.
I tried to open the model through a new session of sketch up but it was not found there either. I am new to sketch up. I have used the free version before but not at an advanced level. Any help would be appreciated it was 6 hours worth of work I lost.


The answer to this may depend on whether you had already saved your model before it crashed. If you did, the autosave file should be in the same folder. If you didn’t, SU saves it to a default location which can be hard to find. In my case, that location is User/Library/Application Support/Sketchup20xx/Sketchup/Autosave, where User is likely to be your name and Sketchup 20xx is your Su version. Library is often a hidden folder so you have to make it visible to find it.


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