Lost sketchup file

Hi Guys. I used sketchup for years but I had an issue with my mac yesterday where it froze and I have to manually shut it down. I had been working on a file all day. I have autosave switch on to save every 5 minutes. Since my mac crashed I can only find old versions of my file. I cant believe there isnt a saved version of it somewhere but I have looked and cannot find anything. Does anyone have any help they can offer me?

Do you have a Time Machine backup?

No. I dont use time machine as most of my files are on dropbox. This one wasnt!

Did you do any manual saves during those hours of modeling?

SketchUp’s Auto-Save only comes into play when SketchUp crashes.
Given the OS crashed, it’s likely SketchUp didn’t, it simply stopped.

Thanks for your reply. I didnt manually save it so, as you say, I have probably lost it for good. Better start again!

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Do not save to any other place than your C: Drive!!!

Save locally then move to off site storage, download to your local drive then open with Sketchup. Many reports of issues with the offsite storage are listed in the forum. Manually save while modeling then you will have a copy on your local drive for a backup. The results of your experience (lost file) are too common with using offsite storage.

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ok thanks for the tip.

Note that the auto save files are saved during the time SketchUp is working ok. It doesn’t matter whether the OS crashed or SketchUp crashed, the auto save file should still be there.

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And the Auto-Save file is automatically deleted when SU closes gracefully.
In this case, the OP never saved the file.

To me, closing an unsaved SU model by OS shutdown isn’t a SketchUp crash.
It’s simply exiting without ever saving.

Auto save files exist for Untitled documents that have never been saved. SketchUp closing normally without a save should delete that file, but a SketchUp or an OS crash wouldn’t.

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On my Mac there is a folder in the normally hidden library folder where autosaves somewhat arbitrarily turn up. I use SU2018
I’m not in front of my laptop right now But the path I think is
Library (option click Go in the finder menu bar to reveal that)
Application Support
SketchUp 2018

I’ve had a couple of amazingly lucky escapes with hours of work this way but as other posters say here it may depend on having made an earlier save. I can’t remember I’m afraid if that applied to me but give it a try.

ok. thank you. I’ll take a look.

Looking just now, that path is correct. In my folder there are about a dozen files untitled1,2,3 etc. so I think it might be working independently of me saving files.

Good luck. I hate losing work!


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