Sketchup didnt save

I stupidly didnt save my file that i was working on. I know theres an autosave setting but where is it saved to. Did it even save since i never saved the file.

Check in the user home directory or User “Documents” directory, for an “Untitled.skb” file.

If there rename it to something that makes sense with an “.skp” extension.

I couldnt find anything like that.

The autosave files are deleted if you close SketchUp normally - they are retained only if SketchUp crashes.


when i was working on it, it did crash.

maybe im not looking in the right place. Im using a mac if that helps.

Hi Alicia,

You’ll find the answer here:
Does SketchUp create auto-save files? — SketchUp Help

when im in my application support, theres no folder for sketchup.

It seems we need @Marc the Trimble Mac Specialist

Make sure that you’re looking in your user-specific folder. There’s a system-wide folder located in “/Library/Application Support”, and a user-specific one in “/Users//Library/Application Support”. To access your user-specific Library directory, click on the desktop to make sure the Finder menu is visible, then choose the “Go” menu. With that menu open, hold down the Option key and a “Library” menu item should appear. Alternately, open a Terminal window and type “open ~/Library/Application Support/”, which will open a Finder window to your user-specific directory.

If SketchUp crashes, I would expect to find a file in that directory named something like “AutoSave_Untitled.skp”.


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