AutoSave file location mystery

AutoSave files don’t appear to be where I thought they were. Got a bug Splat and have the prefs set at every 30 minutes. Any help would be much appreciated. I can’t find them.

Try here


Replace ‘YourUserName’ with you user name and ‘Mystery’ with your version (2019 and higher)



The location is as explained, but the AutoSave set up simply makes an emergency copy of your model in that location…
If you exit SketchUp normally any AutoSave copy is auto-deleted.
But if you ‘splat’ it’ll probably be there - but up to 30mins behind.

The make a backup [skb file] is a separate thing, set in preferences.
This is effectively a copy of your model’s skp file made at the moment you next save it, so it’s always one save behind - some work will be lost but if you have a catastrophe not too much will be lost, assuming you do save the model regularly [e.g. 15mins] - and before any complex operations which might splat…