Ug, Never saved file, sketch up crashed. Would sketchup still autosave?

My own fault, I read through a 2015 thread on how to find the auto saves and i din’t find anything. but just in case I’m missing something.

Usually back ups save as ~.skp in the folder i originally saved the file in… but seems i didn’t save it.

I did a quick drawing before christmas and got back on the drawing today in a rush of jobs first day back in the new year,

there is no sketchup folder under library/application support

even searched ~.skp in my mac

Any ideas?

Did you look within your user-specific Library folder (aka ~/Library or /Users/<yourid>/Library)? It is by default hidden in Finder and (I think) excluded from searches. You can direct Finder there using the Go->Go To Folder top menu item.

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AFAIK, you have to save the file at least once for the auto-save to kick in, but obviously you have to have the auto-save feature enabled.

If auto save is turned on, a never saved file will still auto save.

There is one unexpected thing though. When you reopen SketchUp and look in the recent files, the first thumbnails may be your most recently saved files, or an auto save of one of those previously saved files. The auto saved never saved file may be further down the list.

So, scroll down looking for a recovered file, named Untitled, and whose save time and date were quite recent.

My Dude, I am indebted to you. THAT WORKED! Thank you so much!