Unsaved file

Hello. I’m new to Sketch up. I’d been working on a file for a few hours but when I finished up the work, I actually clicked “No” when I was asked “save changes?”. What should I do?

  • My autosave was on.
  • I have found one .skb file but it was hours ago which was not close to what I had done.

When you reopen SketchUp you should see a Recovered version of the file. That will be the most recent auto save file, and should have your last changes in it.

I posted this reply to someone else a while back- it presupposes you are using a Mac:

On my Mac there is a folder in the normally hidden library folder where autosaves somewhat arbitrarily turn up. I use SU2018 and the path to the folder is >
Library (option click Go in the finder menu bar to reveal that)
Application Support
SketchUp 2018

I’ve had a couple of amazingly lucky escapes with hours of work this way but as other posters say here it may depend on having made an earlier save. I can’t remember I’m afraid if that applied to me but give it a try.