Need help retrieve unsaved sketchup file on my mac?

HI, I have been working on a project all day and my child has pulled the plug out on my mac.
any ideas if i can retrieve this or is it lost?

Did you ever save the file at all?

no not at all, I am a fool spent whole of yesterday on a project.

I’m sorry but I expect you’re out of luck. You can look in the directory where you’d normally save files for Untitled~.skp but most likely the work is gone. If you save the file early on, an autosave file would be created and it would be updated every 5 minutes or at whatever interval you may have set for autosaves. Then, you would have had a file that has at least most of the work.

Ah well, was worth a try, thanks for your time.

Yes. Worth asking. Good luck redoing it. Perhaps it’ll go faster this time around. And save the file right away before you get too far into it.