Can anybody help? (Find a lost model file)

Hi everyone!

wanted to see if anyone has gad this problem before.

Few weeks ago I was working on a motel in sketcup, I saved it on my desktop, but I must have moved it or deleted it as I can’t find it!

I can sill see it when I press and hold on the sketch app in my dock but it won’t open when I click on it?

any ideas of what I could do?

Thanks in a advice !!

Have you tried searching your computer for files of that name? Or even searching for files with the .skp extension?

Yeah I’ve tried, nothing comes up so im guessing I must have deleted it when I was clearing my desktop …:woman_facepalming:

Look in the Trash, then. Unless you emptied that folder it should be there.

Ive got a folder with the name ‘auto save autosave house’ but all it has is some textures that I uploaded to sketchup… no sketchup file :frowning:

Did you search the entire drive for .skp files?

Yeah, I’ve got some files from a few months back but not the house one

Weird. If it didn’t end up in some hidden folder, it must be gone. There are apps for PCs that can recover files that have been cleared from the trash but I haven’t looked for any of those that work on Macs. @slbaumgartner might have some advice along those lines.

I wonder if you get into User/Library/Application Support/SketchUp…if there’s a backup or autosaved version there.

Its so weird, sketchup doesn’t even load up in my application support… I’ve tried before but there just isn’t a folder for it in here

Did you actually install SketchUp or are you running it from the dmg?

yes its installed on my laptop

Try reinstalling it. Double click on the downloaded dmg file and when the window opens, drag SketchUp to Applications.

done, it said its replacing the existing sketchup file

OK. That’s unlikely to bring the house file back but it may be that you had a bad installation.

As for the house file, it might not hurt to plan to start over on it if it’s something you need. Best practice would be to save files into a folder in your Documents directory instead of on the desktop.

yeah I usually have a backup on my USB, just this time I didn’t… Thanks anyway !

There are various apps that claim to be able to recover deleted files on Mac. I have never tried any of them, so I don’t know how well they work.


they auto saves will still be in Application support…


Your image shows [in order] a house.skp model [I assume that’s the “original”?]
Then its AutoSaved version, AutoSave_house.skp
[Did you have a crash ?]
You must have opened and worked on that version, because another AutoSaved file of that is shown as AutoSave_AutoSave_house.skp
You then seem to have worked on a backup [one back-step older] version of that first AutoSaved file, AutoSave_house~.skp
[Note how on a MAC the backup files are appended with ~.skp rather than the PC’s more obvious filenaming of .skb]
Then you have opened a backup of a backup of a backup of the first AutoSaved file [eeek!]
betrayed by the three ~

Your process seems somewhat confused, or at least confusing…

The final two entries House and New adelphi are not file types, but likely to be your folders ?

skp = Sketchup.find_support_file('Autosave', 'Autosave_house~~~.skp')

copy/paste into ‘Ruby Console’ and see if it opens…


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  • MAC OS, you find the AutoSaved files in the following folder:
    ~User/Library/Application Support/SketchUp Version/SketchUp/Autosave
    On recent versions of the MAC OS, the Library folder is hidden, so you must make the folder visible before you can find your AutoSaved file.

  • For any PC users watching… you might find the AutoSaved file in your Documents folder, with AutoSave_ starting the filename. For example, for hotel.skp it’s AutoSave_hotel.skp .
    Windows users can change the location by selecting Window > Preferences > Files > Models and selecting a new folder.
    To complicate things… for v2019 look in this hidden folder…
    C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles

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