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My model has disapeared and left the file with the name, but I can’t retrieve the model. MAN, it is a lot of work to lose and the client is knocking, and Sketch up is impossible to reach!!!

So the file exists and you can open it but you do not see your model there? Up load that file in a response window (drag and drop) so we can take a look, it’s entirely possible that your model is still in the file.

If your .skp file is too big to upload in a response then post it on a file sharing service and post the link.

Hi Riley,
Thank you so much for your quick reply!!!

I was in a crazy state thinking it had pulled a Houdini on me. Well I just happened to notice my layers were all turned off, and I don’t know how that happened while I was working with all layers on. Anyway, I turned them all back on, and JOY back in my life. Once again, thanks for your very prompt reply. I’m lost without this program.
Very best regards, Dave Nicol

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Good news, I’m glad that’s sorted. You might think about using “save as” from time to time to create an incremental file history to fall back on. Next time might not be so easy. Cheers. :sunglasses:

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