Can't download skp file from Free version


Hi. I’m trying to download a skp file from the free online version to my computer. It’s a very simple model of a house. It sounds easy as pie, ‘just click on download and select your file type’, but it keeps downloading an ‘unknown’ file that when opened looks like hieroglyphics. I cleared my cache and that didn’t help. Thanks!


Do you have SketchUp installed locally on your computer? Selecting .SKP file from the download options will give you a file that will only open in SketchUp.


But how do you upload to the forum because everyone keeps asking for a copy of the skp.



Click on the upload button.


Hi Dave, Yes good point. No I don’t have Sketchup locally on my puter but the file type that downloads isn’t a skp file and it happens instantly where I would think it would take a minute if it was doing it properly… the file that does downloaded is only called ‘unknown’ by my Mac and under kind it’s listed as a ‘ document’. Really appreciate your help.


It could be that the browser is at fault, perhaps you could try with a different browser and see if you get a better result.
I remember having an issue at some stage where the browser would attempt to open links rather then download them.

@mics_54 so you can add it to a post as we keep asking for them, or send it to someone else etc etc


Hi Box,
Oh yeah that’s worth a shot. Sometimes Safari is an issue. I’ll reply with the result once I get a chance to test…


brokensides fix it.skp (285.5 KB)
Downloaded SU Pro and can now find files as skp. This should help clarify what I’m having trouble with. Thx all.


Welp, today my model has disappeared. I logged in fine w Trimble but the model that was named and was there yesterday just isn’t there today. So I would like to test Dave’s theory that my initial problem downloading a functioning skp file being a browser issue but now I have this new problem. And I went back and logged in in Safari too just to see if it showed up there since I was in safari when I generated it but no dice. Any thoughts on this issue? It was a very simple file so I doubt I’ve exceeded my allowable memory size but even if I had you’d hope they would warn you before ditching the model.


@carmen - Are you talking about your issue from your other post? This one is about KYLA’s issue with downloading from SketchUp Free.


No, it’s related to why I couldn’t upload skp files. I was using Trimble’s Free version but somehow saw 2 offered versions 2017 and 2018 both called Pro and downloaded exe file and suddenly all my skp files appeared in download folder. I’ve added the brokensides above to check if it in fact was uploaded.


Using SketchUp Free in Safari, you don’t get to choose a filename, it gets saved as “unknown” with no file extension, but it is a SketchUp file. If you rename it to have the “.skp” extension, it can then be opened in SketchUp Pro or Make.

Here’s how to download the SketchUp file from SketchUp Free to your computer:

First download the skp file:


If you have trouble finding your downloads folder, click on the show downloads icon near the top right of the Safari window:


Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the “unknown” file to “Show in Finder”.

In the Finder, rename the file from “unknown” or “unknown-2”, to add the .skp file extension e.g. “model.skp”

It should now open in SketchUp Pro or Make by double clicking it if you have a desktop version of SketchUp installed.

If you use Google Chrome instead, you get to choose a name and location for your file and it has a .skp extension by default.


I have the same problem. I am using Sketchup Free Web version in Google Chrome browser on Ubuntu Linux .
I select “download/.SKP” and get a “something happening” mouse graphic for a couple of seconds, but when I try to find the file it is nowhere on my hard drive.


After attempting to downloading the .skp file, look at the top right of the Chrome window. Click on the popups blocked icon:


Click on "Always allow pop-ups from then click “Done”.

Now try downloading again and it should save the file to your Downloads folder.


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