New Go subscriber : how do I access .skb files (saved by me in desktop as former Pro subscriber)

This does not appear to be a SketchUp model! is the message when I try opening any of my many shared .skb files in my new Go plan subscription - the same files all open fine today in friends’ Pro subscriptions - can anyone help please ?

.skb file are backup files and technically shouldn’t open in sketchup.
Look for the original .skp
Or change the file extension from .skb to .skp

Thanks Box - I duplicated several files and then changed the file extension as suggested - one worked, several didn’t. I also tried opening some other files which had been saved from sketchup pro as a .skp files - none open, the sketchup error message says “This does not appear to be a SketchUp model!” - any ideas whats going on ?

Perhaps something has happened to corrupt those files. This sometimes happens if files are recovered using some file recovery system. It also sometimes happens when files are saved to cloud locations. Share one or two of them so we can check them out and give you an idea. It is sometimes possible to save them.

Thanks Dave, I downloaded the files from could server to desktop & it did indeed then open ok- weird and a bit frustrating, as all our work is cloud server based.

I wouldnt mind if it was the free web software but if it’s intentional or a bug, it’s a bit unreasonable of Trimble to release such a version (imo which they probably don’t care 2 hoots about!!!)

It’s not an intentional bug and Trimble do care about it.

Could it be that cloud service in order to save space upload your files and are not in your hard drive? It happen to me sometimes.