Help - Cannot find recently saved file - SU PRO




SU Pro crashed upon closing a few minutes ago. I have manually saved the file I was working on probably a hundred times in the last day or so alone…every time I make any change, I save…every few minutes. Now, the latest version of this file that I can find is from January 27 (!). I can find no trace of this file later than that or any recent autosaves.

I’ve never seen anything like this. Could SU not have actually been saving my file all along…though it seemed to be doing so? Please tell me I haven’t lost days of work because of a save bug. Anyone else seen this? Any hope of recovery?

Any help appreciated, thanks.


Can you find any back up files ? (.skb extension)

If so, rename as .skp extension with a slightly different filename.


Thanks Dan…I did look for a back up file (which in OS X uses ~.skp incidentally), and the latest one I could find was from several days ago, so no joy. I did confirm that I had both Backups and Autosave enabled in my preferences but it appears neither has actually been functioning for days. The latest Autosave I can find is from Jan 30 and not the same project.

I’m thinking I am SOL on this one…


as long as you haven’t done any additional work afterwards, I’d try to manually save again, and see where it points.
I only work on windows and a little Linux, but it can’t hurt to look.
Windoze uses the previous save as, as default until the next save operation.