Sketchup File Disappeared?

I was working away on a Sketchup drawing. I got a bugsplat, I reported the error to apple via the pop up. When I reopened Sketchup my file didn’t reopen as it normally does. I went to locate my file on my desktop and the file was gone?! I assumed it had gotten moved. I searched for it and nothing. The file is no longer on my computer?!

Any help would be appreciated!

A crash should not have affected the previously saved file on your desktop. I assume you checked in the trash in case it had accidentally been moved, and entered time machine if you have it enabled on your mac. In Sketchup go to menu Sketchup>preferences>general to see if the autosave option is checked. If it is then try a search on your machine for “AutoSave_filename”. Last I checked the default folder for autosave is User.Library.Application Support.SketchUp.SketchUp.Autosave folder. Although again there is no reason for the original file to have moved on it’s own.

Thanks for the response!

I checked the trash - no luck. I also checked the thumb drive that I had plugged in (even though I wasn’t working off of it) - no luck.

I have my autosave turned off because my files are typically really large and the autosave dramatically slows me down.

The file even disappeared from my recent files under “open recent”. Oddly enough, it still shows the file name when I click on the sketchup icon in my toolbar. I can’t access it though.

I’ve been working with sketchup for 11 years and have never had anything like this happen!

Recent files used by an application will linger in the dock menu even after they are deleted. Hmmm… if Autosave and Backup are both turned off you may be out of luck. But it’s very odd that a crash would erase an existing file on the HD, it should not be possible. You are not working remotely or accessing an online storage system?

Nope! Solely working off of my hard drive. That’s why I’m completely perplexed to why the file would spontaneously be “abducted by aliens”!

Aliens! That must be it, or sunspots. I mentioned time machine on the mac, that’s my last hope. I understand about the large files and waiting for the beachball to autosave every 10 min, it’s a pain, but less painful than this maybe. You might at least consider checking Make Backup. It doesn’t really slow you down as it only activates when you save, it just creates a second version of your file saved in the same location, cheap insurance that has rescued me a few times.

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