Files disappeared directory unknown

Hi all,

All my files are gone, there is no auto save. And it looks like the files are stored in the location:

com.ketchup.sketchup.2016.gerard, but this directory is unfindable on my mac.

hope somebody can help me.


Please clarify what you mean by “it looks like”. What did you do or where did you look to find that information and to conclude that is where your files are stored? Unless you manually chose it, that is certainly not where SketchUp would save regular model files. That sort of UTI path string is created by the system, typically for temporary files. It is likely in a subfolder of /var/folders

Good evening,

Normaly I would save my files in “Documents” but now I see the default “com.ketchup.sketchup.2016.gerard” thats why I think the files are stored in that directory. The programe is also making a back-up every 5 min.

Even on the Time Machine the files aren’t visible

I’ve had a similar problem on a Windows 7 PC. I had several drawings open a few nights ago. As I was ending my session, I very carefully saved each file then closed it. The next day they are nowhere to be found. Until I saw your post, I put it down to a senior moment, but I am certain that I saved and closed the files, even putting an incremental version number in each file name at the end.

I lost about 6 hours work.

SketchUp remembers the last folder you accessed and offers it again as the default choice when you next open or save a file. But you should be able to navigate the Open File dialog or Save dialog back to where you normally keep your files (Documents folder?). The previous file should still be there.

Did you have a crash and then reopen SketchUp to see a model file already open? That would mean that SketchUp recovered using an autosave file, which could come from a strange location picked by the system. But that should not affect your other files already saved in Documents. You can’t find that folder using Finder or Time Machine or Spotlight because it is a system folder that is hidden by default. You can get there using Terminal if you are UNIX savvy, but that’s not the average Mac user’s cup of tea.

You can change the autosave interval or turn it off altogether via Preferences.

thanks for your help, i’m going to start a new drawing. and keep looking for the old files.