Model saved last night on OS Sierra has disappeared today


I lost 10 hours work on a model that was saved last night before I shut down. Two models were open at the time and the second was saved. I just bought Sketchup Pro 2017 and haven’t changed any of the default settings. I have iCloud backup on my Mac, none of these seem to have saved me. I’ve used the file searches recommended on goggle but no help.


if your lucky, it may be in a ‘hidden’ folder…

from the HD in finder navigate to your equivalent of…


the numbers and User name will vary from mine…

if you can’t find the folder I can write a small ruby snippet to open it from inside SU…



Hi John, Wow, I did find private folders but I’m not sure how to find the correct numbers to replace what you have here. Is that a special file ID in Sketchup?


type ENV["TMPDIR"] in ‘Ruby Console’ to get your path…