HELP! Unable to exit 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse/Can't Save

My program is more or less frozen. I can’t close the 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse Windows, I also can’t save my model which I have spent HOURS working on. When I hit the red button in the top left to exit it does nothing. The save window opened, and I can type and access it but when I hit SAVE nothing happens. I know I should have saved earlier. Classic problem. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it! I have to hand this assignment in tomorrow.


try going off-line, then try to close the dialogs then try to save…

whatever you last downloaded may have been corrupted…


Thanks John. Unfortunately it didn’t work and I just had to force quite. Lesson learned yet again about always saving.

Your profile says Mac, and on Macs, programs open and store files on /private/var/folders/. Opening terminal, authorizing via ‘sudo -s’, I was able to poke around and find my open skip files from the folder (yours will look similar):


You can move this file to somewhere from here, kill SketchUp, and then open. Hope that helps in the future. Also, when it’s hung, do cmd-opt-esc and kill the program - you’ll get a spindump crash report which can then give you clues on what hung it.

@Barry, are you running a debug version or something?

I don’t see a q4 folder and all the other SU logs and image edit files are in …/rp/b9k42l5x7xngx_8tckgs0zdr0000gn/T/…

if I use wildcards with find that’s where it has always gone, but never seen a skp…

find /private/var/folders/*/*/*/com.sketchup.SketchUp.2016.*```



@john_drivenupthewall, that’s a hypothetical, not a literal directory. Here’s the exact steps for you Myers-Briggs people that have an ‘S’ in your second letter and not an ‘N’: :smile:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. cd /var/folders
  3. sudo -s
    → type your password.
  4. find . -name “com.sketchup.SketchUp.2016*” -print
    → up will pop YOUR DIRECTORY, not mine, for the SketchUp files. cd to that directory, and you’re there.

@Barry, I have it in my Finder sidebar so getting there is never the issue, I just have ‘never’ seen any temp skp files in that folder?

would having Autosave and Backup disabled cause that absence?


Tell me that you did exactly what I told you to do and I’ll respond. You didn’t. Autosave and Backup have nothing to do with it.

when I do ‘exactly’ what you said, I end up in a bash shell and I do get two folders…

only one has the username, neither contain any .skp files…

bash-3.2# cd ./rp/b9k42l5x7xngx_8tckgs0zdr0000gn/C/com.sketchup.SketchUp.2016
bash-3.2# ls .
bash-3.2# cd ../../T/com.sketchup.SketchUp.2016.johns_iMac
bash-3.2# ls .



Thanks. I had them in there originally, but after deleting them, they weren’t regenerated. FYI, using opensnoop (a DTrace utility on Mac that comes with the OS) to find these. brb

@john_drivenupthewall you’re right: I’m conflating SketchUp and LayOut. LayOut unpacks here, SketchUp does not.

Along the way, the simple way to go to the directory is cd $TMPDIR.

I was just hoping you had finally exposed where the ‘in memory’ skp resides, autosave is so detrimental on a mac I’d prefer to just ‘ditto’ it as a separate process…

ahh well…