Can't Access 3d Warehouse 2017

SketchUp Make 2017 17.2.25 64-bit
Windows 10

Currently cannot access the 3d Warehouse. Was able to access it yesterday/last night without issue. I have cleared my DNS (both “run as admin” and not), my internet cache, restarted my computer and accessed (I think thats the site?) through IE. Basically, I’ve done all the troubleshooting steps that the Knowledge Center says to do. No luck.

Doesnt matter where I click - the toolbar button or through file>3d Warehouse, it always just registers the click and nothing opens. The one time I was able to access it in the program, I left it sitting for nearly an hour because I got distracted by other things.

I can access the warehouse fine through the website and I can access the Extension Warehouse with no issue.


Any chance it could be opening off screen, have you changed your monitor setup recently?
Try Window/3D Warehouse then hit alt and space together followed by m then any arrow key, and without clicking the mouse button move the mouse around to see if the window will come into view.

Man, I wish I could say that you’re a life saver and that my dogs most likely did it, but no such luck. I even have a button on my keyboard that lets me swap between screens or reopen previously closed screens/apps, notta. :sob:

Which is weird because the SketchUp window fades out slightly, like its opened up the warehouse, but I dragged my mouse all over the place and nothing showed up.

Thank you for trying though!

EDIT: HOLY CRACKERS!!! I TAKE IT BACK!! You’re a life saver!!! :green_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::green_heart: Just moving the cursor around didnt do it, but I tried again and clicked waaaaaaay down on the very bottom edge of my screen, then moved up and THERE IT WAS!!!

Thank yoooooou!

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