Unable to access 3d warehouse

When I try to access the 3d warehouse, the window pops up but has 3 gray lines on a white page. The page does not load with the usual search page. There are no buttons I am able to click.

I am able to access the extension warehouse fine, that screens pops up and shows all extensions and search bar, etc.

Anyone have any ideas??

I just tried 2015 on Win7 with IE 11, and it works. If you are still on Win with 2015, then try clearing IE’s cache, and restart SketchUp, and cookiejar.xml (search forums for clearing this).

Thanks Barry! That ended up working… any reason why that happens?? Thanks again.

A person has accused me once this week of being snarky, so it’s probably best that I keep my opinion of IE 11 to myself, thank you.


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