My warehouse is blank


please i need help!!! ive tried restartin the program, installing other versions and ist the same. ive deleted IE cache… its making me crazy!!! please help me
i have windows 7 and sketchup 2015


Did you log in with the same account of your 3D Warehouse?


i didnt log in. i just open the icone warehouse in my sketchup and its blank


When you reinstalled , did you install it ‘as administrator’ ? Can you open the extension warehouse ?


yes and yes


Currently, you arent logged in (greyed out left bottom corner ‘contactperson’ icon) when you hoover over it , can you then log in ?


dont find the icon, can u make a screenshot???


On a phone , now but it is the third icon , just above the windows bar of your desktop in the SketchUp window


Can you acces the 3d warehouse with IE solely?


Is IE up to date?


You’ve upgraded to IE11? It looks like javascript is turned off in IE. Check that.


my computer dont allow it. i have enabled javascript


Ouch… well, IE8 is not supported or recommended by anyone, anywhere unless you’re intending to be hacker bait. Please tell me you have Win7 Service Pack 2 installed. You’d be better off downloading Chrome or Firefox and using 3DWarehouse from there.


i use often chrome for everything but wharehouse uses IE. btw where is the “contactperson” icon?


help meeeeeeeeeee



didnt fix it!! im cryingggggggg


Can you sign in via the standard browser Internet explorer ?
Try and update Java script and be sure it is enabled in the settings.


Did you see Barry’s post? IE8 isn’t supported. Basically, without updating Internet Explorer, you’re out of luck accessing the 3D Warehouse in SU2015 directly.


And you do know you have the same data available without IE using Windows->Components, correct?