3D Warehouse blank


I’m using SketchUp Make 2016 on a Windows 7 computer. When I try and go to 3D Warehouse, all I get is a blank square.


There have been numerous posts regarding this. A quick search will turn up the other threads. You can try updating Internet Explorer but the most likely solution will be to access the Warehouse through your browser and download the files directly to your computer.


Okay. I’ll try that. I use Chrome rather than IE. Maybe ad-blockers?


It doesn’t matter what you use as your default browser. SketchUp 2016 uses IE on Windows machines.


Okay. I found the #D Warehouse and downloaded a model but it’s in a newer version of SU. I thought you could choose the version to download but I can’t see where that is.


When you click on the Download button, you should get a list of the available versions. Select 2016 in your case.


Well, no. When I click on the download button it starts downloading.


If you hover over the red button do you see a downward pointing arrow?


No. There is no READ button, just a down arrow. Hovering does nothing. As soon as I click it, I get a downloaded file.


Sorry. Typo. it should have been “red button”. Put the cursor over the right end of the button.


I don’t have that button. It’s just an arrow pointing down to a horizontal line. If I hover over it, I get “Download” in a text box.


Oh, wait


If I click on the picture of the stairs (the model I want) I get a larger image and the button is there!

Thanks, Dave!