3D Warehouse



Can I use an older version of the 3d warehouse?, I can’t search and download in the warehouse anymore because it says I need a newer version of Sketchup which I can’t have at the moment because of it’s 64 bit req.

I really need this as a student and for my small projects.


3D warehouse is an online library for 3D SketchUp models, so you can access it at www.3dwarehouse.sketchup.com from your internet browser. It’s weird that the teacher did not explain this to you and just teach you to access it from the SketchUp.


Yes I know all about the internet browser 3d warehouse. What I’m asking is if I can use the older version of 3d warehouse because I currently can’t use the 3d warehouse and can’t import downloads because I only have the older version of Sketchup (Pro 2016).

Also what teacher are you referring to? The Sketchup instructor? I didn’t have a teacher I just downloaded Sketchup for free and taught myself how to use it.


If you search in the forum you will find the broad explanation for which you can no longer download directly into SketchUp, Internet Explorer is no longer developed now (see: Sketchup 2016 3D Warehouse suddenly stopped working 5 days ago).
What I pointed to is how you can continue to download 3D models from 3D warehouse and open/import them into SketchUp 2016.

About the teacher, you said “as a student”, and I thought you have a teacher for SketchUp. It doesn’t matter anyway.


Oh I see, whenever I try todownload the 3D models from the internet, it only says error downloading and I can’t seem to find out why, do you have any tips that I can do? Except asking the sketchup team that is.


Follow the steps:

  1. Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge…) and type https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com
  2. Search the model you want to download;
  3. Click ont that model, it will open it into another webpage;
  4. Click on big red button “Download”, and choose “SketchUp 2016 model”;
  5. Save that model into your harddrive;
  6. Open SketchUp an then File > Open…, or File > Import…, and select your downloaded file.


Sorry, I looked carefully now and noticed that any model you choose to download from 3D warehouse will download as a TXT file. It is sure an error from them, and it will probably be fixed shortly.

//edit: Now it works correctly, probably was just a momentary error, you can download 3D model.


Thanks alot! :slight_smile: