If you’re using SketchUp 2016 or earlier on Microsoft Windows, this message is for you

Hello 3D Warehouse users,

If you’re using SketchUp 2016 or earlier on Microsoft Windows, this message is for you.

3D Warehouse is no longer compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
While we do our best to maintain backward-compatibility, many new web technologies simply can’t run in older internet browsers.

How does this affect me?

You will no longer be able to access all features of 3D Warehouse using the web dialog in SketchUp 2016 and earlier. The built-in dialog uses an embedded version of Internet Explorer even when you have Chrome, Firefox or Edge installed on the same computer.

SketchUp 2017 and later use an embedded Chromium browser that is fully compatible with 3D Warehouse.

What can I do?

Upgrade SketchUp

For non-commercial use you can use SketchUp Free online or download SketchUp Make from this page. If you use SketchUp for commercial purposes you need SketchUp Pro.

Use A Browser

If you want to stick with your current version of SketchUp you can still access 3D Warehouse using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Will this be reflected on the help pages?

And is there a specific date set?

We’re working on the help pages. And I can’t really be more specific on a date than today to Dec 31st, 2018. We’re working on newer pages, and as they roll out, old users wont access those. I am filing bugs so that the pages that do work today should be the ones that 2016 users on Windows should get, based on user agent, and not the newer pages. We started with our advanced search, and I’m really enjoying the ability to find things better, but it wont be back-ported to work in IE 11 or IE 9.

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The Downloads from the Link are all 64 Bit except SketchUp Make 2016 Pro

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