3D Warehouse unavailable

I’m trying to download from 3D warehouse, yesterday it allowed me to, today it just appears blank and will not show search results. I haven’t changed anything, is this a progression in the software and i now need to use it online or pay for pro?

? No, the forums state that you should read first then write: Sketchup make - all popup windows blank - #8 by TIG

Today several customers (me as well) have reported that my C# utility that uses a WebBrowser control to navigate to https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com stopped working. I’m getting the attached script error message. I tried setting Suppress Script Errors = true but no luck.

I can navigate to the site via Explorer/Chrome/Firefox, but not thru my c# Windows Form app.

Any idea?

Your profile says SketchUp 1? But if I get this right, they’re in their own C# app, using IE? If they’re SketchUp 2016 (which uses the same), there may be issues as noted here:

Thanks Barry. I meant to type V2017 - in a rush, although that shouldn’t matter. I’m using a C# Windows Forms WebBrowser control. Thanks for the link. I believe the webbrowser control is tied to IE so that might be the problem. I’ll evaluate DotNetBrowser. Thank you!

Maybe you could complete your profile with the correct information to avoid confusion in the future?

Yea, we use that as well in SketchUp 2016. But IE is being dumped by everyone (Edge is here), and we’re Chromium in 2017 and 2018 (with Dev tools present and muuuuuch easier to debug, if you’d like to update your tool).

@Barry - what .Net browser control do you use?

Since 2017, we’ve embedded Chromium in SketchUp. You can check the version in the developer console for userAgent.

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We embedded 3D Warehouse in out application by using the TWebBrowser control. We like to rely on the system browser to be not responsible for security issue in the bundle embedded browser. We are looking forward to use the new WebView component from Microsoft. But this is not available for native application right now.
I guess other applications will be affected in the same way.
Can you please consider keeping 3D Warehouse compatible to IE for a while? At least the search and download functionality.

Hi All,

We have also an embedded browser in our software, which stopped working well yesterday. We use QT 5.1.1 QWebPage. Search field is visible and magnifier icon, but nothing happens when we click on icon or press enter. Embedded chromium browser works well. Do you have a suggestion for QT browser? Many of our clients are affected.

Thank you in advance,

We do have an API and we have partners that we work with, so we probably need to formalize this with you so we can get you aligned with what we’re doing. Perhaps the easiest way to start this is to go to the bottom of the page and follow the

    Hey, Product Manufactureres, 3D Warehouse is the ultimate distribution platform to promote your SketchUp Models.  Learn More

links to contact us.

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I too am unable to use the 3D Warehouse. It was working fine not too long ago, and now the screen is blank and the search function does not work.

I am able to click on invisible models from the home screen and then the model page will load, but until that point the screen remains blank.

I am running on a Mac OS X.

I messed around and was able to get it to work by clicking on an invisible model, then clicking on the creator’s profile. From the creator’s page I was able to use the search function again.

While I can search and view models, it will not let me download them. So close.

What’s your current version of Safari? 2016 versions still use WebKit so they’re dependent on your (IE, Safari on PC, Mac) version.

Hi- what does that actually mean, please? Imagine you’re talking to an idiot (not far off the truth).

For reasons I won’t bore you with, I’m currently stuck on OS X 10.10.3, running Safari 8.0.5. I say I’m running Safari- but I never actually use it- just Chrome. What’s changed in the last week or so that means I can no longer use the 3D warehouse from within Pro 2016?

I’m stuck with this version of everything until this Mac dies- so upgrading isn’t an option at this time.