Sketchup 2016 Sketch up 3D warehouse



could anyone can tell me, in Sketchup make 2016, which URL does the 3D warehouse pointer to, as an Education site we have web filtering system and now seem not working anymore.
but It work on the sketchup make 2017

attached the capture picture.


v16 uses Internet Explorer internally and the updated 3D Warehouse needs a more modern browser…

v17 uses Chrome Embeded so it works…



Good morning John

is that mean there is no alternative choice to use v17 as some PC does not meet software requirement for v17 e.g.
OpenGL version 3.0



v16 users can download from the warehouse using a modern browser and import into SU…



Huh, is this different on a Mac? I use v16 daily and can access the warehouse ok. Maybe I misunderstood the reference.

EDIT. Of course Mac SU16 probably uses an imbedded version of safari. Duh.


yes, SU for mac used ‘webcore’ [ as does Safari ] before it switched to CEF…

as a rule webcore is kept one version behind safari, but is still far more ‘modern’ than IE ever was…



Right, that makes sense. So Windows versions of 16 can no longer access the warehouse directly? I didn’t know, bummer.


This was announced a while back here.


Ah yes, I remember this now. I think I got as far as the Windows part and tuned out.


If you must run v16, you can continue to use Window->Components, and download directly from there.

As mentioned, you can always use a browser and download as mentioned.

And don’t like the download-then-insert and want the 3DWarehouse models loaded directly, there are ways: Windows embedded IE allows control-L just like the browser to get a URL. Find the model you like in your browser, hit control-L to go to the url bar, control-C to copy, go to SketchUp’s 3DWarehouse window, hit control-L, then paste in (control-v) the model page url, and download.

But even this may break at some point when we update the model page.


Thank you very much everyone that points out all the info…

many thanks


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