3D Warehouse unavailable

Although you might use Chrome, SketchUp 2016 uses Safari on Mac for web access so Safari needs to be up to date.

With SU2017, that changed as Barry has mentioned.

Very tedious. Essentially, the very thing that the nice sketchup guy told me wouldn’t happen again, if I upgraded to Pro 2016, has happened again.

Thanks for clarifying- and so quickly. Much appreciated.

The change they made in SketchUp 2017 was intended to get around the issue of outdated internet browsers. The SketchUp folks have no control over what Apple and Microsoft do to their internet browsers and they were kind of at their mercy. Until the option to ship Chromium with SketchUp was available and could implemented, it made the most sense to use the internet browser shipped with the operating system. If they had chosen some other browser, users who didn’t already have it installed would also have to install the browser so SketchUp would work. Chromium gets around those problems.

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Yeah, I kind of get what you’re saying- but this hasn’t been a problem until the last few days- and 2017 has been around for a long while- so does that mean that Sketchup has simply turned off support for Safari?

I could be stuck with this setup for another year or more, yet. I keep paying my subs for that magical day I can upgrade- but this is a bit of a kick in the balls, to be honest.

No. But Safari changes. That’s out of Trimble’s control. Blame Apple for the kick.

Try this LINK Using your Chrome browser instead of going to the warehouse through the SU app

Thank you- and thank you, DaveR as well. I’m probably coming across as slightly more ungrateful than I actually am.

Bottom line, I can still access the warehouse- it’s just slightly less convenient. Not the end of the world, though.

Thanks again.

No worries. I wasn’t thinking that.

Maybe you need to raise your rates and squirrel away your shekels for a new computer. :wink:

Version 11.1.1 (11605.2.8)

RLGL thank you for the link!

I hope you meant, “wasn’t thinking that!”

There’s slightly more to it than just needing a new machine (North of £6k in itself). Any upgrade will also knacker my existing Adobe package and I’ll be forced to upgrade to CC- which is another £50 per month for the rest of my life. Or until Adobe decide to raise the price.

The MacBook Pro I’m currently using is still a really good machine and my upgrade options for anything similar are pretty poor- so I’m probably going to go for an iMac Pro. Then I’m still going to need a portable setup from time to time- so that means investing in a iPad Pro as well. I don’t even dare ask if my Cintiq is going to be compatible with whatever I upgrade to- because that’s another £2k!

In case you can’t tell, I really resent rolling upgrades. I like to upgrade when there’s something genuinely worth upgrading for!

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Oops! Yes, I meant ‘wasn’t’.

I understand about the upgrade thing. It’s not a pleasant process.

Ouch. This sounds frustrating!

To some extents I don’t think there will ever be a SketchUp version that keeps working forever, at least not when it comes to the embedded web services it has. Every now and then the websites are updated, ether to add new features or just to feel “fresh”. Assuring compatibility to older browser engines doesn’t seem to have been a priority, which I think it is sad because it’s much better PR to have users willingly update for new features than forcefully updating because things break.

This said I think (hope?) SketchUp 2017 and later will be a bit more future proof as they now use Chromium, a very reasonable browser engine, rather than Safari and Internet Explorer. I can’t say much about Safari but on Windows the embedded Internet Explorer has always been something of a pain as it is late to add new features and doesn’t follow the specifications properly.

Yeah, I get all that. It’s just that from a personal POV, it’s very frustrating. I actually upgraded to 2017, knowing that I was only really going to be able to upgrade to 2016 in reality. Again, this year, I’ve paid for 2018- but I’m still using 2016.

If I don’t keep in that upgrade cycle, I’ll eventually have to pay full price to upgrade- which, as a user since 2005(?), would waz me off even more! I want to keep this Mac going for as long as possible- but equally, it could sputter and die tomorrow (I hope it doesn’t!).

Again, this isn’t the calamity it was last time. I can still use the warehouse- so there’s that.

I also am having issues with 3D warehouse and not seeing images as well as not always opening at all when clicked. This has been happening for about a week now. No issues prior to that.

I have the same problem here. Anybody help?

Please read first before posting: this has been answered elsewhere.

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Please read first before posting: this has been answered elsewhere.

Can you direct where to find the answer. I am using Windows… is the answer a fix for Windows also and not just OS X. I have searched and this is the thread I found pertaining to my experience with 3d warehouse and still no images

Use a browser. Old versions of SketchUp use old versions of IE. Old versions of IE are not supported by many applications.